Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Sick Friend

I grew very worried when I didn't hear from Rosa yesterday. It is not like us to go a day without talking. I feared she had had another round with her crack cocaine addiction and was at the crack house. My worst fears were abated when I drove over to her house this morning. She was alive, but just barely.

"Sweetheart, I have been worried like hell about you," I said as she opened her front door after I knocked. "I didn't hear from you yesterday and you aren't answering your phone."

Rosa looked pasty and white – like death warmed over.

"I've got the old stomach flu," she said. "I haven't eaten since the day before yesterday."

I walked into Rosa's kitchen to check her cupboards and fridge for anything light I could fix for her. She badly needed groceries and didn't have anything to drink.

"I'll be right back," I told her as I left to go to the grocery store just up the street to buy some stuff for her.

I arrived back at Rosa's house after spending $30 dollars shopping. I pulled out a big pot from under her stove and started some homemade chicken noodle soup. I poured in cans of chicken stock and then emptied foil packages of white meat chunked chicken, sliced celery, carrots, wide egg noodles, and an onion. Rosa was also overjoyed that I had bought her two twelve packs of Sprite which is a soft drink that is easy on a sick stomach. Soon the smell of the chicken noodle soup was wafting throughout her house.

"Thank you so much," Rosa said as she stood in the kitchen next to me drinking a lukewarm Sprite. "That soup smells delicious. I am starving. I hope I can keep it down."

"That is what friends are for," I replied as I stirred the soup one last time and put the lid on. "Let this simmer for about an hour."

"Can you do me one more favor?" Rosa then asked.

"Sure," I replied. "You name it."

"Can you go by the convenience store and buy me some cigarettes? I ran out the day before yesterday and felt too ill to get out of the house to buy more."

I left and bought Rosa four packs of cheap cigarettes down at Fat Albert's and took them back to her. She surprised me with the haste at which she opened up a pack and lit up. Rosa was desperate for some smokes. I bid my friend good bye and told her to call me tonight to let me know if she was able to eat and was feeling better. The stomach flu is just one of those ailments that has to run its course. She will be fine in a few days.


fiwa said...

I seem to be particulary susceptible to the stomach flu, and something I have found that works good for me is drinking a mug of tea with just a bit of honey. I have read somewhere recently that something in both black tea AND honey fights off the bad bacteria, so maybe that's why it helps. Anyway, I hope Rosa is feeling better soon.

Stay well -

Moonroot said...

Hope Rosa is soon feeling better! You are a good friend to her and George and the others.

Augs Casa said...

You're good people my friend. Not ma ny folks now and days do what you did for Rosa.

abbagirl74 said...

I so wish you lived closer. I would love to have a genuine friend like you to hang out with daily. I have just read the last six posts trying to catch up. I have to sigh to myself and just wish. You really are a great friend.

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

Good on you for going to check on her! I'm really pleased that she's going to be okay.

Blue Gardenia said...

Friendship is better than anything.

justLacey said...

You truely are a good friend. I wish I had friends like you. I really don't think any of them would have gone that far for me.

Cheryl said...

I hope Rosa's better soon. I'm so glad you're there to help her out.

I've never had any kind of flu, thank goodness.

bonnylass said...

I agree with everyone I soo wish I had a friend lie you, I am so glad that you were there for Rosa
You are a truly special person

AnnaBell said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm fairly new to blogging, but I had a bit of a look at yours - it was fascinating! It's wonderful to see someone being so honest about themselves, but at the same time aware of others. I look forward to finding out more. I didn't have time to finish my post today, but I'll try again tomorrow. Take care x

P.S. Is that the old or new Battlestar Galactica?

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Ok, You got me. I love coming to your blog and to read what you wrote. Who are you? Are you sure you are not a professional writer? Yeah, I'm just too damn nosey! I do seem to have nose problems. You are sooo talented. Hope Rosa is felling better. Have a good one!!

Laurie Anne said...

I agree with 2 Imz -- you must be a professional I've said before, words come easy to me.

Terri said...

that was so nice of you Andrew; Rose is blessed to have you around. I hope this friendship continues for you both.



Jbeeky said...

You are a good friend. Nice work.

Nancy said...

What a good friend you are!
Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment. :)

onemeanmutha said...

what a good guy you are... there should be more people in the world putting out good vibes like you :)