Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Night Ride Home

George was solemn last night and wasn't drinking much. George has always been a happy drunk, but lately he has taken a turn for the mean and surly. I think it is just his alcoholism progressing. Someone asked why I am still carrying him around every night and it is simple. He is an old friend and I am not about to give up on him yet and I also need the money. It is a hundred dollars a week that I am making and I already live on a paltry income. That one hundred dollars makes a huge difference in the quality of my life these days and allows me to start saving money again. At one time, I had over $5000 dollars saved up and my new house exhausted that money.

I took George home around 9pm and picked up Rosa. We drove down to Sonic and both got a cherry limeade, my favorite drink. We sat in my car drinking them as we talked.

"You are quiet tonight," Rosa said, worried about me.

"I have my shot for my schizophrenia and blood work in the morning and I dread it," I replied.

"What kind of shot is it?"

"It is a huge needle and they inject it into my ass," I replied.

Rosa shuddered.

"Glad it's you and not me," she said.

I took Rosa home and then went by my parent's house to take my nightly schizophrenia medications. I was just sleepy and tired, but my father swore I had been drinking.

"Have you been drinking that mouthwash or beer again?" He asked.

I looked at him and said, "Dad, you know. I am a grown man and I don't particularly like being accused of something I haven't done. You take three Xanax a night to sleep and no one gives you a hard time and you are addicted."

I walked home disgusted and will just have to deal with the repercussions today some time.

VAfriend asked about my new house yesterday. I am all ready to move in except for two small items that need to be completed. My back steps have to be built and Maggie's dog door has to be installed. I am waiting on a friend of the family to do this instead of hiring an outside contractor (saving lots of money). My friend, Charlie, tried to get my father to move me in a month ago, but dad had a fit. He wants everything completed before I move.

Well, I am off to get some breakfast started. It is exactly 5am. Good day.


justLacey said...

Good morning! Don't worry too much about the shot. It'll be over before you know it. Have a good day.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I hope the shot doesn't hurt that bad. I hate shots. Here I am 39 yrs old and I act like a baby when a needle is coming my way. Take care and have a good one.

Cheryl said...

Ouch to that big needle. I'm sure I wouldn't have ever looked at it. I hope it went well. Is it once a month?

I didn't know about your father and the Xanax. That puts a whole new spin on his wanting to medicate you. You don't deserve any repercussions for what you said to him. Like you said, you're an adult and you had a right to say that.

Wish we had a Sonic here. Yum.


Good for you voicing your thoughts towards your dad.

As far as George goes, you need to do what it takes to get by, and if this helps you, good for you.

Good luck with the am doc shot visit. I've never been a bigfan of big needles. OUCH!

jAMiE said...

Hi Andrew

I'm enjoying your blog very much...i am sorry your father doubted you, i guess our parents worry but he shouldnt have accused you.

I hope the rest of your day is a good one...stay safe.

I'll be back...

Josie said...

Andrew, I'm proud of you for standing up to your Dad when he is wrong. I know it isn't easy. Interesting to know that he has some addiction issues of his own - so I guess he isn't perfect either, is he? By now you've survived the shot, and life goes on - the dread is usually worse than the reality. I'm excited about your new house, and hope you get into it soon!

Rae said...

Hey Andrew,

Hope the shot to the ass went well. I agree with the others that you did the right thing letting your dad know that you are an adult and though you may be suffering from a mental illness, you are capable of making decisions for yourself.

I agree with Cheryl about Sonic ... I grew up in Arkansas and on cherry limemades. I'd love one right now!

The more I read about the whole medicine issue in your family ... it concerns me a bit. But I do believe that you can sort it out and determine what you need.

I'm a compulsive overeater and was wanting some ice cream today about the way you were wanting some beer the other night. Thankfully, the craving passed.

Take care and enjoy the night ride with George.