Friday, May 11, 2007

Money Falling off Trees

I was so overjoyed to see Rosa out and about after lunch today. We were sitting down at the shopping center with the threat of thunderstorms on the way. A person who wrote me who reads the blog says I am codependent with my friends. Maybe I am, but it is a good codependent. I wanted to reply that they were a surly old judgmental cow. lol

"Are you still carrying around that drunk every night?" Rosa asks as she sits smoking a cigarette.

I was so glad to see her feeling her old self. Rosa hates George.

"Can you believe George's mother, Mrs. Jones, is paying me $20 dollars a night to do it?" I say.

"You're shitting me!" Rosa exclaims. "That is a hundred dollars a week!"

"She inherited some money from a relative that passed away," I reply. "That is how she could afford to buy George that new Buick."

"Money seems to fall off trees for you," Rosa says.

"I know," I reply. "I am pretty lucky, aren't I?"

Rosa and I then broke into a discussion about homelessness since we have both experienced it. I was telling her about the homeless guy and his recent forays into getting a home.

"He always blames everything and everyone else for his homelessness," I say.

"Well, from what you have told me that guy is a total idiot," Rosa replies.

"Oh, he is brilliantly smart," I reply. "He knows how to play the system to his advantage. He doesn't have to work. He gets three meals a day and shelter. Every time he decides he is tired of the streets he eventually manages to find a home."

"He is homeless by choice then," Rosa says.

"Exactly," I reply.

"What kept you homeless?" I then ask Rosa.

"The drugging," she replied. "Paying rent ate into my crack money and crack was more important. When I got clean and moved down here to get away from my old using buddies, I immediately found a place to stay."

"Same for me," I reply. "I was more interested in drinking copious amounts of beer all day and not taking my medications. I was crazy when I was homeless. When I sobered up my parents gave me a home."

"Do you realize how lucky you are that your father bought you a house?" Rosa says.

"Yeah," I reply. "But I do have to pay a price for it. Dad can be so overbearing."

"You are a Saint for putting up with him," Rosa says. "I would have told him to stick it where the sun don't shine."

I laughed. Rosa doesn't take shit off of anybody.

"Well, let me go get my haircut," I reply.

"Drive by the house afterwards," Rosa says. "I want to see how it looks."

I told Rosa I would and walked on home to get my car. If you have read for a long time then you know one of my biggest phobias is going to the get my hair cut and styled. Wish me luck!


abbagirl74 said...

WooHoo! Can't wait to see your fine self!!! *whistling*

Hope it goes well. I love getting my hair done. I like it when my hairdresser massages during the shampoo. Enjoy it.

Laurie Anne said...

Can't wait to see it...borrow a camera if you can.

fiwa said...

I'm so glad Rosa is feeling better! I hate getting my hair cut too, it is so hard to make small talk isn't it?!

I'm really glad to hear that about George's mom too - she seems like a nice lady - so I'm glad she had a windfall.

Trying2BMe said...

I agree that being codependent isn't a bad thing, in fact, I believe it's part of the human condition. We are built to need people and have them need us in return. So to hell with them that are so cold and strong that they don't need anyone or appreciate being needed by someone else.

As for the haircut, good luck! And glad to see Rosa's back to good.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Can't wait to see the new "you". Everyone tells me that I need a hair cut. My hair is down to my waist. I have naturally curly hair, can you see me with short hair? Hello!, I would look like a brillo pad. I think I may call my cuz and get a trim. Take care. Make sure you post a picture.

Katie W said...

I hate getting my hair cut to. It's one of the things that if someone really gets it wrong you can look very stupid for a very long time! I'm sure your haircut will look great though.

Cheryl said...

Can't wait to hear about it, and your father's reaction to his 'better-looking' son.

Tory said...

You are doing fine job at being sober and on your meds. your friends are only a problem if they try to entice you back into your old habits. You and Rosa are such good friends because you have so much in common and you understand the struggle.
I'm glad Rosa is feeling better and I hope your haircut goes o.k. you should read my blog...the one about getting my hair cut. you'll laugh.
Take care

Tory said...

By the way, your blog looks great!

justLacey said...

i love to get my hair cut and styled. makes me feel good to look better and have someone just pay attention to me for a while. good luck with yours!