Friday, May 25, 2007

Kinder Times with Poppa

I arrived home last night from driving George for about an hour and called my parent's house.

"Come over and get your medications," My father says after answering.

I walk over with my flashlight lighting the way. The back door is open and I take a seat in the den as my father hands me the handful of pills and vitamins I must take every night. He made sure I took them and then sat in the chair next to me as his cat, Macy, jumped into his lap purring furiously.

"How was your day, son?"

"I had a good day, today," I reply.

"What did you write about on your journal?"

"Oh, I wrote about Rosa eating supper with me and then asking me how Cain from the Bible managed to get a wife."

My father laughed.

"Your grandfather used to ask your grandmother that all the time and it would piss her off," Dad says.

"I wish I could have known him," I reply, solemnly.

"He would have taken you fishing and hunting all the time," Dad tells me. "You would be two peas in a pod."

My mother walks into the room and sits on the sofa. She is wearing her nightgown and starts to ask my father questions interrupting our conversation.

"Not tonight," my father says, stopping her. "I've worked all day and had a hundred thousand questions for ten hours straight."

My mother doesn't protest and just sits quietly and listens.

"What did you cook for supper?" Dad then asks me.

"I fixed some grilled cheese sandwiches and some minestrone soup by a recipe I got off the internet. It was delicious."

"You always were the best of cooks," Dad says. "I want you to bake your signature lasagna one night for me."

"I would love too," I reply. "It would bring me joy."

My medications were kicking in causing my eyelids to feel as if they were made of lead. It was time for me to head home and go to sleep and curl up with Maggie.

"Love you," Dad says as I get up from my chair. He reaches out for my hand.

"Love you, too," I say as I clasp it and then leave to walk on home.

I know some of my recent posts have been disparaging about my father, but he is a good man who loves me deeply. No other person has stood by me through all I have gone through with my illness and homelessness. If it wasn't for him, I would probably be some mentally ill drunken street person talking to himself on some derelict street corner in an inner city. I love you Poppa.


VAfriend said...

Our families are always there for us no matter how much we complain about them they love us anyway. That is what makes a good family.

You have a good family and they will always be there for you when you want or need them, as you will be there for them when they need you. Sounds like your dad needs some of that lazagne. Are you willing to share the recipe?

Josie said...

This was a really nice read, Andrew! So glad you got to spend some time with your Dad that wasn't deflating. Deep down he really loves you too and wants life to be good for you, even if you don't always interpret that the same way. It was great to hear him have some positive things to say. I know you went home and slept well after that.

fiwa said...

I like this post. You sound like you've made peace with your dad.

PS - you mentioned reading below in your email roundup. I would love to hear what you're reading.

Have a good weekend -

Cheryl said...

You know I like your Dad. He has a deep love of you, although sometimes he shows it in somewhat unconventional ways.

Barb said...

I have never doubted your father's love for you. He has a great responsibility caring for your mother, and perhaps he feels the same responsibility for you as well.

Love that runs that deep should be celebrated. Love that deep is something that cannot be explained or defined.

I am so glad you arent a "mentally ill drunken street person" because if you were finding a computer and a power source to do your blog, would be next to impossible:-)

Tory said...

I don't think any of us questioned your dad's love for you. I think he loves you deeply and is always trying his best to make you feel better.
Your blog was very warm and sensitive today and I enjoyed reading it.

KYRIE said...

Hey Andrew,
I agree with others, nice post and it kinda made me sad thinking back bout my own pa.
Andrew, u call ur dad poppa? I was thinking do u n ur family use southern twang/accent whn talkin? Cool, I only get 2 see people using the slang on tv.

Monkling said...

About you sometimes writing disparagingly about your dad, those of us who are parents get it. There's just something in our genetic make-up as parents that makes us get on our kids' nerves. Just ask my son. Doesn't mean we don't love our kids or they don't love us.

Leann said...

Feel blessed you hve a father. I've always wished I had one.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am glad you wrote this post. If things get rough in the future between you and your dad, remember to come back and read this post. It will help remind you and ground you.

This was very nice to read. God bless.

Eric Valentine said...

Very nice post Andrew. Whenever there is an empty feeling or void deep inside ones self, it's nice to know that your family is there to reach out to.


Summer said...

I bet you, out of the 21 years I had my father, he probably only spoke 1000 words to me.

Sword Inc said...

Hey Andrew, missed your back to back entries in 12Hours, But I got them now. More like your father would call you to take the meds, well the blog calls me and I think I might be in Love with it, so to speak.

ALUTA CONTINUA. Life is good.

madnilk said...

hello the Andrew and all... great emotions within this post, i feel touch.

lucky us cause we have father, Leann sorry to hear that, best regard for you Leann.

i have a father and just wish that our relationship will get better day by day.

Never imagine that i wont love my son or daughter when the time comes.