Friday, May 25, 2007

Email Roundup

Here are some paraphrased questions I have been asked via email lately. I am a dufus with email and it incites my social anxieties so I thought I would answer them here instead for all to read. I get so many emails that I am going to take down that link on my blog and have given up on trying to respond to them all.

You took down anonymous comments. I can no longer comment on your blog. Why?

I have found that nine times out of ten that anonymous comments are negative, cowardly and hurtful. My honesty about my mental illness and addictions invites derision. It takes five minutes to sign up for a blogger account if you want to comment or you can always email me. I might not answer back, but I do read them.

I was dismayed when you went commercial on your blog. The advertisements are distracting. I urge you to take them down.

I get this email a lot. My income is $837 dollars a month. I am allowed to make an extra $600 dollars a month working part time without penalty. Because of my schizophrenia, paranoia, and social anxieties, I cannot work a traditional job for long without life getting fucked up. I put up the advertisements in an effort to better support myself and to increase the quality of my life. I have made over $600 dollars so far with them. So you can see that it is well worth my time. I hope you will overlook the ads and enjoy the written content.

Do you make this stuff up? Your life seems so interesting and you say you have social anxiety, but you have a vibrant social life. My life consists of going to work, coming home, watching TV, and going to bed. The same is for my wife.

If I made this stuff up, I could write about wildly more interesting things than the conversation du jour of I and Rosa – conversations and interactions filled with intrigue, sexuality, and adventure. You are reading little vignettes of my life – the little interesting ten percent I wish to share and enjoy writing about. The other ninety percent of my life is usually me sleeping, smoking my pipe, browsing the internet and voraciously reading books in my lazy boy lounge chair. I am sure you don't want to read about all that. I also think my writing about my life with dialogue makes things seem far more interesting than they really are.

I found you via I notice you do not write a lot about schizophrenia compared to the other blogs on there. Is there a reason why?

I have read some of those very same blogs like you and find they are tiring. Some of these blog authors seem to obsess about their illnesses and pontificate endlessly about their medications and doctor visits. It comes across as obsessive to me. I have schizophrenia, but I try not to let it define me. Yes, I do deal with it and it's symptoms on a daily basis, but I choose not to write about it often. I don't want the blog to become another whiney, let's bitch about our mental illness blog. If I wrote about my schizophrenia all the time, this would be a very dark and brooding journal. It is a personal choice of course. You may find those other blogs your cup of tea.


justLacey said...

Excellent answers. I didn't realize you received so much e-mail. Although I guess with all the commenters you must have even more readers. I used to comment anonymously just because it was easier, but when you took that option off I had to start signing in. Never negatively though.

Barb said...

You are so patient, and gracious regarding those answers. I didnt realize that you were so sought out and read by total strangers, besides me, of course. I dont know if you check back to your comments, or not, but like anything, we have the option to sift through comments, taking from them what we want, and blow the rest away.

Cheryl said...

Great questions and answers. I'm glad you put them out there.

Have a great, summer-y day, Andrew.

Josie said...

Amen, Andrew, on not letting our problems define us! You are SO MUCH MORE than a person with schizophrenia, and I'm glad you share a bigger picture of your life. What I like about your blog IS it's sense of normality - going about the daily routines of your life. Most of us don't lead lives of wild excitement, but we enjoy sharing with each other. I think your friendship with Rosa is extra-cool, because you look beyond the obvious and see the treasure she is in your life. I'm sure she feels the same about you.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You handled those questions very well. I am impressed. you have my respect.

Terri said...

This is a good post Andrew, but I wish you didn't feel the need to explain yourself. This is YOUR blog, your life and your writing.

LAB said...

Thnaks for sharing the answers to these questions. I am sure it wasn't easy to decide to do this. You really have a way with words and I wish I had half that ability.

Have a great day!!!


La Bee-yotch said...

one of the things i appreciate so much about your blog is that you are unapologetic about insisting on a level of dignity for yourself--not allowing anonymous trolls to harass you, pointing out the conscious, intentional writer's choices you make in writing entries (highlighting the interesting moments of a day that tell a story about parts of your life), and not allowing your schizophrenia to take over your life OR your blog! i read your blog because you are a wonderful, interesting writer, not because you are schizophrenic! thanks for sharing your thoughts and behind the scenes info about your emails. and that's great that you make some money from the ads! your writing is labor--why not get paid for it?

Trying2BMe said...

Concise answers, I like that. I agree that "anonymous" commenters irk me. I think it's sad that people have to shield themselves when they are blatantly bashing someone else. The ads don't bother me at all, I'm so tuned in to the writing that the rest kind of fades away. And I think your life is wonderful and truthful. You have an illness and addiction, but you're living life in spite of it. There is no need to dwell on the bad when the common joys are what keep you going in the right direction.

As for email, I understand you taking it down; however, if you ever want to just say hi... email me! Hugs and have a wonderful day!

jAMiE said...

Hi Andrew...

Kudos on your responses to the questions you selected.

I appreciate your blog and the time and effort you put into it...oh and i don't mind the ads at all...i don't see why anyone would have a problem with me.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Glad to see that you are earning some for this. You done very well answering the questions.
Have a good one.

justLacey said...

I was thinking about this post today and wondered, can schizophrenia eventually go away? I mean if it showed up in college, could it just disappear some day like it arrived?

madnilk said...

hello all....

hurm, what the hack? is it anything wrong with this blog that event it is fake? is it anything wrong if putting ads?

Your blog, your empowered!! That is what i should said to all of blog's holder around the NET!!

One more thing, never curse or being angry to a person with good traffic, page rank and idea of know how to write a great post!!

i never have problem as long you having blog within blogspot or Friendster or myspace cause I'm the only [MADnilk] on the NET. chaging from anonymous or not doesn't matter to me as long that post or blog is what my intention are!! I never care about other reader or visitor accept they who i thought as 'Full time' readers of any blog i meet or read!!

p/s: wish you all the best Andrew

Christina Bruni said...

Hello Andrew,

I agree: blogs aren't meant to be therapy. I for one read your blog on nearly every day because it's a great blog, and I dislike, too, all that intense focus on the hell and the symptoms. If at all someone is going to blog about the symptoms, he or she should then write about solutions to dealing with them. The pandemic focus on the hell turns me off. It's why I choose your blog first.

austere said...

On the chin replies. Like that.