Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chapter 13, an Unlucky Number?

Tonight's A.A. meeting was pleasant. I have been having some misgivings about the program and it was nice to have some of my fears assuaged by an innocuous and non-confrontational meeting. I'm struggling with the whole cultist atmosphere A.A. imparts and the agnostic in me wants to revolt. There is just something distasteful about not taking responsibility for your addictions by turning them over to a higher power. I kept thinking of my Celtic beauty who was not there tonight and maybe that will keep me going. I am honestly smitten by her beauty and personality.

Had a mostly quiet day working on my book. I finished the 13th chapter today with a hoped-for total of 30. Papa and the children managed to get in their crucial crop of cotton and sell it only to have calamity strike when their two prized mules grew ill. I am still debating on where to take this story line. I may even trash chapter 13. I don't want the book to become too morose, but I want to maintain the suspense that such an occurrence would cause during the Great Depression. Buying two new mules would be akin to buying a brand new car in depression era dollars. Papa would have to put up his house and next year's crop for collateral and times are already lean. Don't worry...the book will have a good ending. My grandmother lived a wonderful life.


KYRIE said...

Cool 30 chapters! For me, luck is somewhat relative though (ahem, born on the 13th myself!)
Dont forget ur injection. Think about the ravishing celtic beauty while ur getting the injection! U will hardly feel the prick.
See u hv so many things 2 look forward to frm the beautiful Miss Celtic to writing a wondeful book. So keep urself on track with ur meds! Live n love ur life dude!

Summer said...

Is this your mom or dad's mom? Did she live in Alabama too?