Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Canvas of Twinkling Jewels and Deep Dark Azure

Sat in that darkened park that so entices me to visit for most of the night. Nearby was the little roadside barbeque stand near which you could still smell the dampened ash of Saturday's grilling. My stomach grumbled as I thought of a quarter of a barbecued chicken smothered in tangy southern-style sauce. I would have to wait until Monday to fulfill that culinary fantasy though.

The night seemed darker than usual – the moon hidden by thick billowing clouds alit by the light pollution of the city casting an eerie orange glow. I could only see a few feet in front of me as I fumbled with my radio to find a better station. Ah, there it was – 890 AM out of New Orleans - with my favorite show, Coast to Coast AM. I listened for a long time as I drank hot and rich coffee from my thermos as the guests talked of Mayan mysticism and the metaphysical aspects of their ancient calendar. I chuckled at the seriousness in which the callers undertake the subject when discussing pure bullshit on this show – it's like Jerry Springer for intellectuals.

Ring. Ring.

I am startled by that sound. It is coming from my backpack. I had forgotten Rosa had given me her cell phone to keep overnight in case of an emergency during my walk. I curse as I fumble with the phone, finally pulling it out, and hit the answer button.


"Can I speak to Rosa?"

"She's at home asleep," I reply.

"What an odd time of the morning to be calling," I think. It must be one of her old using buddies. He sounded like an older man with a gravely and raspy voice.

"Tell her that I called," he said and hung up.

I chuckled. He didn't even tell me who 'I' was. Probably best to let that sleeping dog lie. I don't want Rosa undergoing any old temptations.

I pull on my backpack after drinking the last of my coffee. I light a cigarillo with a wooden match like Clint Eastwood in those old spaghetti westerns and begin the journey home. The clouds have cleared some and a few stars are peeking out between breaks in the cumulus. I throw my head back and gaze almost becoming dizzy and giddy like a small child with a toy telescope seeing the magnified moon for the first time. Natures wonders never cease to amaze me and I think of all the people sleeping soundly missing the most peaceful and comforting time of the night – serenaded by nature's breezes upon a canvas of twinkling jewels with nothing but a horizon awash in the most beautiful deep dark azure. I almost didn't want the walk home to end. Good night.


Greg said...

I'm just like you! I love the sound and murmurs of the calm night. It's a pity that the greatest part of men never listen to these sounds. But maybe it's better so. Or if all men wuold be awake and walk in the night, probably night wuold lose is lure, disturbed by the same mess people do in the day.
Greatings from Rome, Italy!

Cheryl said...

...I think of all the people sleeping soundly missing the most peaceful and comforting time of the night. When I first read that line, I thought, no, everyone should be sleeping. But you're right. We miss a third of the day when we sleep. I remember the sunrises I witnessed when I was up with my infant daughter. I would have never known that if I were asleep. On the flip side, think what we would miss if everyone slept during the daylight hours.

I'm off to Panera. It's brilliantly sunny here, but very windy and cold!

KYRIE said...

Hey Andrew,
Beautifully described! Makes me almost wish that I could reach out and touch the sky!
Hope u have a hearty breakfast!

abbagirl74 said...

Wish I could get some sleep. Have you been following the weather in Kansas? I know how much you love to follow the weather. Things are not good here, dear friend. Keep us in your thoughts.

Have a fantastic weekend. Love ya!

Jay M. said...

Ha. We get Coast to Coast in here in Chicago, but it's 89.1 fm.

Blue Gardenia said...

I also love the night and the great outdoors. My life on the rails allows me to enjoy the night.

greglo said...

Hi Andrew,
I just love your writings about night times!
Don't comment much these days but reading you daily. Have a great day and many more wonderful nights!!!!!