Monday, May 21, 2007

Brusque and Uncouth = George

It is 9pm. I and George are on our way to a nearby town to make a beer run. They don't sell beer here in our hometown on Sunday. It seems like everybody and their grandmother is on the interstate tonight. I curse at the traffic as big trucks blow past me as if I am standing still.

"Dammit!" I mutter, exasperated. "The speed limit is seventy."

I and George had just had a conversation about what he said to Rosa the other day – berating her for her colorful past.

"I was just playing around," George says.

"It wasn't funny and I didn't appreciate you doing that," I reply. "Rosa doesn't show it, but it hurt her feelings."

"What do you see in that chick anyway?" George asks. "She's nothing but an old whore and a crack head."

"She's a good friend with a very good heart when you get to know her."

"I still say you two are fucking."

I ignore George's callous response. We pull into a convenience store off the interstate as George goes inside to buy a cheap case of beer. He walks back out and cracks open a beer as soon as he sits back down in the car.

"Ah, I need that," George says after guzzling down the brew.

"George, you need a hobby other than drinking," I say.

George laughs heartily.

"You mean play with those toy trains like you?" he asks, incredulously.

"They are not toys," I reply, defensively. "Model railroading takes a lot of skill and is an art form."

"If you say so," George says as he cracks open another beer.

I leave the interstate and drive out towards God's Country. An hour passes and George has put a sizable dent in that case of beer after many roadside bathroom breaks. We finally pull up into his mother's driveway. George's mother turns on the porch light and stands at the front door.

"Hey baby," she tells me as I walk with George to the door to say hello. "Here is your twenty dollars."

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Jones," I reply.

"Do you want to come in for awhile?" she asks.

"I better head on home," I reply. "It is getting late."

We bid each other goodbye and I get in my car to drive home. I had had enough of George tonight and was tired. George was unusually brusque and uncouth. I earned every bit of that twenty dollars putting up with him. I soon collapsed in the bed with Maggie and was sound asleep.


Cheryl said...

George has certainly been losing some of his appeal lately. I know you two have been longtime friends, but he's been offensive the last few times you've been together, and last night was no exception. He makes fun of you and of Rosa, and I, for one, don't like it. I wonder if some of his behavior isn't a reaction to Rosa taking his place.

Melanie said...

you know, being a drunk may be the reason why he's got so little control over his impulsive, rude mouth, but it's not an EXCUSE for his behavior. you just don't treat people that way, drunk or sober, healthy or sick, it's just not okay. it's very passive-aggressive for him to make insulting comments like that and then try to gloss it over by saying "i'm just kidding." that isn't ok. i'm sorry that he is putting you into this awkward situation. i know it's part of the disease, but that sure as hell doesn't make it acceptable.

KYRIE said...

Good morning Andrew!
It is a wonder that u havent punched George yet!

Sword said...

Quite a good idea kyrie, but I dont think Andrew is Schizo enough to wanna give George one soon or in the future. I bet its just part of the eco-system where Dog eat duh I cant make sense there.

Morning Andrew


So it's okay for George to judge Rosa for her PAST, but he doesn't see the harm he's doing to himself, PRESENTLY?
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Happy Monday.

PipeTobacco said...


While George may have been a bit more on the obnoxious side than usual, please keep in mind he is still a good friend. I suspect you already know all this, but keep in mind that:

1. Yanking on people's chains is a very stereotypical manner of interaction in males from many blue-collar type socioeconomic groups. It is usually the way in which males from these groups talk about things that are difficult to talk about for them... they "rag on it" or belittle it to give themselves some distance and protection. I have a significant part of my family tree from people of similar backgrounds and the neighborhood I grew up was similar. I am sure the train comment was an especially good example of this. Remember, George does not see his alcohol hobby as a problem... so when you or anyone criticizes him about it, he is likely to respond in a way that feels "in kind" back.

2. Keep in mind that George's words to Rosa... while impolite, are not all that different from the same sorts of phrases Rosa uses about and towards George. Their animosity goes back from before you and Rosa were together.

Perhaps you might want to try to have the three of you meet together for a meal or something similar, so that people can talk things through and reach an understanding... and with food in their mouths half the time, both of them may choose their words more carefully and kindly.

Finally, one last statement. In your essay you said this (a quote from George about Rosa):

"She's nothing but an old whore and a crack head."

You may wish to ask him how this is any different from his "main squeeze", Pookie? Apparently she is of similar occupation and habit as to what he accused Rosa.

fiwa said...

pipetobacco said "You may wish to ask him how this is any different from his "main squeeze", Pookie?"

Good one Pipe!!!

I just feel sorry for poor George's mother.

Oh, and just wanted to say, I'm very proud of you for considering starting a support group for the mentally ill. That's a wonderful idea.

Have a great day,

C. R. Morris said...

You need a raise. I have to think that it must be pretty darn hard to ride around with this guy while he guzzles beer and talks a bunch of crap. ??? He needs to back off of Rosa. >:-(

Tory said...

I'm so glad you protect Rosa. Maybe it's best if they just keep as far apart as possible.
A support group would be wonderful. And you would do a great job at organizing it. Not everyone is able to get around to the other town's support group I'm sure, so it would be especially helpful to those who are not as mobile.
Take Care

VAfriend said...

Hi Andrew, I am too, surprised that you haven't tired of driving him around for hours while he drinks. It amazes me how patient you are with him. You are a great friend to both George and Rosa. My question to you is what part of George continues to appeal to you? I mean lately all you have been talking about it how annoyed you are of his actions, both drinking and words towards Rosa. I am glad you spoke to him about it and let him know how you feel. I know it takes both courage and strength for you to initiate a conversation of that manner.

Love every one of your stories!! Haven't heard about Dumpster Dan recently, nor about the progress on your new house. Have you already moved in and I just missed it?
- VA Friend

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Will said...

I don't think it's right of George to be so abrasive, but I do think this much is true, whether it's what he is trying to vocalize and does not know how to or not: Rosa wants something from you. She has some expectation of an intimate relationship with you and, it seems at times, is trying to wear you down into going along with that.

George, on the other hand, is also someone that you do a lot for, but if you didn't do anything for him, I think he would manage to just roll on being himself... He may be selfishly motivated in doing it, but I get the sense that he is trying to warn you.