Friday, May 4, 2007

Breakfast on the Lam

Found Rosa sitting down at the shopping center this morning. She was eating a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit as she drank a coffee. It was a beautiful day if rather overcast with a slight cool breeze.

"Hey sweetheart," Rosa says as I walk up. "I've been worried about you. You weren't answering your phone this morning."

"I unplugged it," I reply. "It was making me paranoid."

"I guess you made it through last night."

"I packed up my car with all my survival and camping gear to leave," I say. "I was going to become homeless again."

"Well, I am glad you decided not to," She replies with a worried look upon her face. "When do you get your next injection?"

"Monday," I say. "It's going to be an interesting weekend."

"Oh, George does have a new car, by the way," Rosa says. "His mother bought it for him and he has to pay her back in installments."

I smiled thinking of George. Nobody deserved a newer car than he. He drove those old junkers for years.

"It looks in really good shape, almost new," Rosa added. "He asked about you. He said he owes you some money. I wish you wouldn't let that old drunk take money from you."

"I'm headed across the river for lunch," I say ignoring the comment about George as I start to walk off.

"I am coming over this afternoon so look for me," Rosa replies as she slaps me on the ass.

"See you after lunch," I say as I smile from her deviousness.


Eric Valentine said...

Good to see you up and mobile Andrew. Hang in there you will do just fine. Have a great day.


Red Robin. said...

All the best geezer.
Hope this finds you well.

justLacey said...

rosa is such a good friend. you do good things for each other. loved her picture too. she is just as i pictured her, but thinner.

KYRIE said...

It has been around 1 n a half day since I last saw ur blog n I was surprised to read today tht u had another attack. Andrew, u know wht u hv 2 do to move forward in ur life. U hv so much 2 look forward to so dont allow ur illness to win over u. Remember u must be the one calling the shots over ur illness, not the other way around.
Of all the form of meds we take on a regular basis, I guess the injections probably are one of the more daunting ones.
An old mate of mine was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when he was 5. Since then, each day he had go through 3-5 shots. His condition worsened in his teens but despite that, he cheerfully went through each day with a brave face. He started self medicating/injecting when he was 14. He never missed even one shot he told us cause he knew what would happen. Skinny n awkward, he was constantly beaten up n the bleeding will not stop. He could hv given up his meds saying wht is the use, I get sick anyways but he didn’t.
U fighting a war Andrew and ur meds are ur armor n weapon.