Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Breakfast at A.A.

This morning we had our monthly A.A. breakfast meeting which happens on the first Wednesday of every month. The women of the group cooked sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, buttery grits, hash brown potatoes, and biscuits. It was delicious. We also had a speaker for the meeting and he was very interesting. He had spent his career in the Navy as a cook until he got court marshaled for doing untoward things while he was drunk. I have found that people from all walks of life come together in these A.A. meeting halls.

After the meeting, I was sitting on the porch talking to my favorite A.A. person, Wanda.

"Have you got a sponsor yet?" she asked.

"No," I replied, sheepishly.

"I wish you would listen to me," she said, motherly. "And get one."

"I wrote my ex-wife a letter," I then said (I took Annabel's advice). "I told her I still loved her and would send her money every month if I had a job. I told her I was sober, taking my medications, and doing well these days."

"Do you feel better?" Wanda asked.

"I don't care about how I feel," I replied. "I just want Rachel to have some resolution and peace. She will always mean the world to me."

Wanda is a nurse and soon had to head to work. She hugged me goodbye and once again urged me to get a sponsor. I told her I would try.

I then walked the long walk over to the shopping center. Big S was sitting out front.

"George has a new car!" Big S said excitedly.

"How in the hell did George afford a car?" I asked.

"He said his mother bought it for him."

"What kind is it?"

"Buick LaSabre," Big S replied.

I bid Big S farewell and walked on home. I can't wait to catch up with George to see if this rumor is true. George badly needed a new car as his Thunderbird was on its last leg. Let's just hope he doesn't wreck it while drinking and driving.


Melanie said...

just it possible to have an ONLINE sponsor arrangement with someone, maybe? i was wondering if that might circumvent the social anxiety issues.

CCC said...

Breakfast? At AA? Where do I sign up? :D Very cool...

justLacey said...

how come the women have to cook? do they take turns with the men?

Andrew said...


The men traditionally do the monthly fishfry and the women do the breakfast so it evens out.

Addison said...

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