Thursday, May 31, 2007

All Walks of Life

I threw some vegetables in the hot wok. They sizzled as they intermingled with the flank steak amid the hot peanut oil and I stirred them. Next to the wok, on the stove, was a big pot of steamed rice.

"This is not going to look like something a cat threw up?" Rosa asked.

I laughed.

"I am going to teach you how to use chopsticks," I replied.

As we ate our Asian inspired cuisine, Rosa never could get the hang of the chopsticks. I finally gave her a fork.

"I like your southern cooking better," she said. "I never was much for Chinese food."

I then took Rosa home and headed to my nightly A.A. meeting. I walked in, fixed a cup of coffee, and sat down amid a growing group. This was the midweek Big Book study which is the Bible of Alcoholics Anonymous. Philip, the local patriarch, walked in and placed a CD player on the table. Apparently, we were going to be listening to CDs of narratives of the Big Book.

As I sat and listened, I noticed the great diversity of the patrons of A.A. in these meeting halls. There was my mother's gynecologist sitting next to me. Across the table was William, a car mechanic, who always looks dirty and unkempt from doing his job all day. We also had the little old retired lady who lives on Social Security with her twenty cats. People from all walks of life attend these meetings seeking help, comfort, and solace.

I had almost decided to quit going, but then I realized why I attend these meetings. It is the people I have grown to know and love such as Wanda and Tim that keeps me coming back. I sometimes rail against the religious aspects, but that is par for the course for A.A. There are no other alternatives in the small town I live in. In big cities such as New York they actually have 12 step programs with the religious references removed. "If you can't beat them, join them," I thought as I left last night's meeting and drove home.


Melissa said...

I love to read your postings. I would have to say that I agree with Rosa inregards to using a fork. I can never get the idea of using chopsticks. I wish my husband would cook meals like I hear you cooking. Please keep the wonderful postings coming because I look forward to reading your postings. I check all day to see if you have posted something new yet so I could read it. Thank you for wonderful reading. How much longer on that book because I would like a copy to read.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Good for you Andrew, finding something of value in the meetings! You can make it work for you without sacrificing your beliefs. I'm betting other folks there feel the same way about you! I agree with Melissa, wish I had someone around who cooks like you... you're always making me hungry. You have many talents, hope you realize that!

Cheryl said...

I keep commenting on how you're evolving. I'm so glad that you're finding your 'place' and your 'peace' with A.A.

Hope it's a great day for you. Stay's a hot one today.

fiwa said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! I can't imagine not liking chinese food, maybe Rosa will get to like it if she eats it a little more.

Keep on keepin' on. I'm proud of you for sticking with AA.

Have a good day-

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Sure wish my hubby would cook for me. You are one in a million. Rosa is sooooo lucky to have you for a friend. I'm glad to hear that you are going to continue with A.A. Those people there need you just as much as you need them. You may not realize that but they do.
Have a good one.

Christina Bruni said...

Another great blog entry!

You should post recipes so we can re-create your meals.


Mountjoy said...

Chops stick hint: Hold them one above the other. "Lock" the bottom one between the bottom of youy thumb and your middle finger - dont move it with your fingers at all. Then practice pincering the 2nd chopstick up and down onto the bottom stick using the tip of your thumb and your index(pointer) finger. You need to be able to apply a bit of pressure so you can pick things up. Once you can "pincer" you should be fine. From there it is just practice...

Eric Valentine said...

Life can be a little like chop sticks, a little difficult to get a handle on it, but not bad with practice. :)