Friday, April 13, 2007

A Smile and a Laugh

“I see you’re still smiling and laughing today,” Rosa told me as we sat at Rodger’s eating.

“Am I embarrassing you?” I asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh, Lord no,” she said. “I used to be a hooker, remember? It takes a lot to embarrass me.”

Today was ribs day at Rodger’s. For $5.25, you got a heaping serving of pit cooked baby back ribs, three vegetables, and a drink. A hearty deal you just couldn’t beat. I and Rosa sat eating like the ravenous creatures we were.

“I saw Ferret this morning,” Rosa then told me over the table.

“Was he drunk?” I asked.

“I couldn’t tell. I didn’t stop to talk to him. He kind of scares me.”

“Ferret is harmless,” I replied.

“I don’t know,” Rosa said. “He has that hungry look in his eyes. I don’t trust drunks.”

“Well, I am a drunk,” I replied.

“Silly, you know what I mean,” she said. “You’re not currently drinking. He is.”

I and Rosa finished our meals and I put the cost on my tab. We walked across the river and headed back to my house. I know I and Rosa look like an interesting couple walking through town. Charlie had told my father last night that he keeps seeing me walking around town with a strange woman. My father asked me about it last night.

“Charlie says he keeps seeing you with this woman around town.”

“Oh, that’s just Rosa,” I replied. “She’s my best friend these days.”

“You’re not dating her, are you?” he asked.

“What would it matter if I was?” I asked, growing uncomfortable with this line of questioning. “I am 35 years old.”

My father dropped the subject and went on to finish preparing the chicken salad he was fixing.

“You don’t have to get testy,” he said as he was putting some chicken breasts in his crock pot to slow cook overnight.

I am pretty forgiving of my father’s intrusions into my life as far as my mental illness and the drinking goes, but I draw a line at my friends and relationships and he usually knows this. I don’t blather about Rosa, George, and the Gang to him as I know it would only worry him about the company I keep some days. We are definitely an odd ball group of misfits and my father would worry that I am being unduly influenced by these strange characters. What you don’t know won’t hurt you as the saying goes. The same holds true as far as my intimate friendships are concerned with regards to my father.


Eric Valentine said...

It seems that your father is ever protective Andrew. I wouldn't be too hard on him. He loves you. You are right about the thought, 'being influenced by the company you keep', your dad is ever vigilent.

LAB said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday.

As far as your dad goes...he is just trying to look out for you and is doing the best he knows are an adult man and you can make your own choices...


Augs Casa said...

I am sure your cast of characters are harmless. NO harm no foul amigo. Hope you are well.

abbagirl74 said...

Well, happy belated birthday, my dear friend. I am so happy you are doing so well.

Your dad just cares. He doesn't want anyone to take advantage of you. I would be the same way if I lived closer. Heck, I think all of the "women" in your blogging life would say the same thing. We are a little protective as well.

Ferret seems to be holding on. George is George. How about Dan? Have you seen him lately?

Guess what? We are expecting more snow this evening. In Kansas. snow. in mid-april. Can you believe it?

KYRIE said...

Someone once told me that the question whether we are influenced by our friends or they are influenced by us is determined by how strong we are in strength of character, how firmly we hold on to our principles, beliefs, etc!
I do think u have brought some positive influences into ur friends' lives!
Just tell ur dad that u just wanna help ur friends. I think he will understand ur intent.
Have u tried to find Rosa's kid?
Hope u enjoyed ur birtday dinner yesterday. Happy Friday 13th! Do you dare to go out tonight? I dare u!

Anonymous said...

doesn't he read your blog?

abbagirl74 said...

Yes, he does read the blog, which I think is totally cool. His dad can see how many people look to his son for inspiration and how many people go through the same obstacles as Andrew. I think it's great.

Cheryl said...

I'm reading this at work and I'm starving. Those ribs sound mouth-wateringly good.

I did get to the post office today, btw. :))

d. chedwick bryant said...

My dad gave me tons of advice while he was alive and I think of him and what he would do all of the time, so I actually heard his advice and it has helped me. However he himself tended to have all misfit friends, so he would have handled the Rosa situation by introducing himself to her and chatting a bit... to know her a little, personally, rather than asking those kinds of questions about her. But our dads are the same in that they feel responsible for their kids and feel a lot of love.

simonsays said...

I like the term "misfits", it makes me smile. But frankly, aren't we all misfits in some way? Keep going with the great writing Andrew-I wouldn't want to make it a day without you!

Terroni said...

When I read this, I was actually thinking about all the misfits my parents hang out with. I've always been able to tell them all about my friends because they've always had a whole gaggle of goofy geese their own age with whom they socialize.

Maybe you just need to find your dad some misfits of his own. Maybe he's jealous :)

Shamash said...

dads always give advice and its with the best interests for their wards that make them... we should atleast give it a patient hearing..
I really hope you and rosa have a great life ahead

Dorid said...

OMG Andrew, I can so relate to your dad. I have to keep saying to myself "he's showing good judgement, don't tamper" when dealing with my son. I still catch myself asking where he's going and who he's talking to... and I'm TRYING to stop. Sometimes it just comes out after all this time.

Yeah, the characters you hang out with seem kinda rough, but I also know from hearing Chewy talk that most of us don't see the good in them... don't take the time or oppurtunity to... and that they are, after all, people, albeit people with problems. Sometimes I think Chewy relates better to them than he does my friends or people in college, because they are totally accepting and don't have a lot of expectations.

austere said...

:) Ah Dads!
And we've heard this one before,and abbagirl has said it all.