Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Serene Talks with Parental Figures

I awoke this morning to grey, overcast skies. We have a good chance of storms today which brings me joy. I will be glad when we get in that summer weather pattern of afternoon southern thunderstorms every day. It is only just a few short months away.

One scary thing happened this morning. When I awoke, I could smell cigarette smoke. I looked down upon my comforter and a lit cigarette was precariously perched among a fold in the blanket narrowly missing burning the blanket. I don’t even remember lighting it. I picked it up and finished it, relieved I didn’t catch myself on fire. A commenter had commented just the other day about the dangers of smoking in bed.

Last night, I and Dad went for a long ride in his car just to talk and catch up on things. I had just gone to the grocery store. I saw Wanda at Kroger and we talked for a few moments. It was good to see her out of an A.A. setting. She is such a warm hearted and kind soul. I love her dearly.

“We’ve had a good two weeks,” my father told me as we drove out River Road.

“It has been nice, hasn’t it?” I replied.

“I am taking you out to eat for your birthday tomorrow night,” he said. “Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s try that new seafood restaurant that just opened.”

“It’s good. I ate there tonight. I got the baked flounder.”

“Is it okay if I get the seafood platter?” I asked.

“You can get anything you want,” he said.

Dad handed me this week’s medications in their bubble pack. A soft rain then started to fall as we drove back into town to take me home. I do so enjoy these calm and serene times with my father. If you have read for a long time, you know our relationship in the past has often been rocky and turbulent.


David said...

As ever great writing and thanks for sharing.


That's the beauty of a relationship with a father...we tend to constantly be seeking their approval and acceptance. But when it really matters, through it all, they're there.

Glad that the smoke didn't turn out a 4th ave blues emergency call.
Be safe!
From your "commenter," :)

LAB said...

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Second...smoking in know

Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Dorid said...

I can see how that fire danger can happen. I have an ABSOULTELY NO SMOKING IN THE BEDROOM rule. I made it back when I was a smoker, because I KNOW I can light up half asleep when there was a pack within easy reach.

:) Hoping you enjoy your birthday dinner. Sounds like it's going to be wonderful :)

Trying2BMe said...

Happy Birthday! We are strangers, but I visit often and read what you share here. I wanted you to know that you are loved... and thank you for touching my life.


Happy birthday BTW!!


Cheryl said...

I've been wondering about your birthday plans. I'd go for the seafood platter too. Broiled. Yum. I hope tomorrow's a 'banner' day for you.

I'm at work trying out their new computer. It's the first time I've used a computer that has Vista, and I LOVE the look of it. The screen is so bright. It's a good thing I hardly get any breaks, you know?

I hope today finds you in stormy weather...the good kind.

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Baby.


Summer C