Sunday, April 22, 2007

An Email from a Pen-Pal

My pen-pal Robert wrote me an email yesterday and I thought I would share what he wrote. Many people with mental illness deal with these same issues Robert talked about and the recent occurrence at Virginia Tech. of April 16th only makes this harder. I post this with permission from Rob.

Hi Andrew,

This is Rob your pen-pal from California, who is also mentally ill.
I just wanted to say thank you for what you put on your blog today.

I find saddening that this incident will cast more shadows of fear for those who truly don't understand the mentally ill. I'm very fearful now that people will think I'm a bad guy because I keep to myself allot and have Major depression and BPD.

I keep to myself because I just don't have any friends that live close to me and as you know money is always a tightrope we have to balance on.

Your blog spoke exactly to me about what I have been feeling these last few days since that awful event.

I'm not as good of a writer yet, but thanks again for speaking of us and those that suffer with these illnesses.

Your are truly a good voice for those of us who have none. God bless and take care. I would have posted this on your blog, but it said I needed an account and was scared to sign up for something I would have to pay for- your Pal in california-Rob


Cheryl said...

How great that you can be a friend to this man. The internet: a blessing because it erases distances, and makes it easy to form relationships that we wouldn't otherwise be able to.

kanadians in korea said...

andrew... i am a new reader and fan of your blog. i met you through miya (in south korea). i am a teacher and a writer, currently working in wonju south korea. keep writing andrew... you have a powerful way with words. emily.

Amanda said...

I thank you as well for taking the time to educate the folks out there Andrew. Violence to others has rarely something to do with mental illness, but everything to do with a person's character/identity (or lack of).

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

From Bob T Bear (esq)'s "mum"-

I found my way here from Authorblog. My Bear's blog, is on the award list with yours.
Thank you for your blog.
I have BPD, and wondered about doing a blog about living with it. But in the end decided I couldn't commit to that. I know if I did there would be month-long gaos when I just couldn't blog. Instead, my blog is an escape from it. Some people think it is silly and unimportant, but it is neither to me 'cos it can be the difference between having something to get up for and giving up....
You have a great blog. It's also very brave of you. (How brave it is just highlights the stigma attached to mental illness still...)
Thank you for sharing.
Always hang on in there, and know you're not alone.