Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Headlights at Noon

The weather today was befitting my mood…melancholy. I didn’t feel bad. I just felt blah; kind of devoid of emotion and feeling. It is common with my medications. The sky was cloudy and grey with a cool breeze and the weather guessers say rain is on the way, although I will believe it when I see it. It has been so dry here and we are seven inches behind on our rainfall total for the year.

I stopped down at the shopping center, but none of the gang was to be found. So I carried on over to Rosa’s house hoping she would spice up my day and she did. She was in a wild and suggestive mood. She answered her door still in her pajamas which consisted of sweat pants and a cotton t-shirt with no bra on. I must add that Rosa is quite well endowed as far as the breast region of her chest is concerned and her “headlights” were on full bore. I couldn’t help but stare.

“I was hoping I would get to see you,” Rosa told me, demurely, as I stepped inside.

The smell of something wonderful cooking was emanating out of the kitchen. I walked in and pulled the lid off the pot, curious.

“Spaghetti!” I exclaimed. “Awesome. That is my favorite.”

“You gonna stay for lunch?”

“I just ate at Rodger’s,” I replied. “Today is meatloaf day and I never miss it. It’s my favorite meal.”

I stood by the stove as Rosa began to boil some pasta and occasionally stirred the spaghetti sauce. My eyes kept wandering down to stare at Rosa’s chest. I felt like a dirty old man.

“You like what you see?” Rosa then asked, embarrassing me. “You keep staring at my tits.”

I laughed nervously diverting my eyes. Rosa smiled. She is not much one to mince words and although it can be startling at times, I do like this about her.

Rosa then finished the pasta and pulled out a plate. Upon the pasta, she used a 1-cup measuring cup to pour over a generous serving of pasta sauce. She then took her plate into her den to sit on the couch to eat. I followed her and sat watching the television. Rosa let me have a bite of the spaghetti to taste it. I had never tried Rosa’s cooking before and I have to admit, the spaghetti was delicious.

I finally grew bored with the television and Rosa was intent on being a homebody today. So I left to continue with my daily hike with the noontime hour finding me walking up my driveway to home. My father had come by while I was away to do a beer check. He left me a note on my radio explaining that he had been by. I smiled. Used to, such an occurrence would upset me. I realize this is more for dad than it is for me. It gives him peace of mind and also keeps me on my toes so to speak by having someone checking up on me. Isn’t it hard to believe I am 35 years old? I shudder to think what some of you must think about me. I need to quit sharing such overly honest and forward stuff on my blog.


Augs Casa said...

ah yes the headlights. I was actually hoping for some rain myself amigo. It been a stressful last few days and the rain calms me down. Take care

zirelda said...

Ah Andrew... I'm 40 and my mother is an extremely important part of my life. She has helped me so much over the years. I even moved back in with her for almost a year.

You do good. Don't stop writing. Your honesty and openness is refreshing.

Proxima said...

I'm sure Rosa was flattered someone was still interested enough to check out her boobs. :>

I've remained friends with men I had been with in the past and even though "that" part of the relationship is entirely over, sometimes they will be standing there and the thought will suddently pop into my brain: "Hey, I've seen you naked" and then I have to keep from laughing because it's just so such silly and I'm sure they would be embarassed if they knew.


Kay said...

I don't think we're ever too old to need other people. You are blessed to have a dad who cares.
We all need "checked up on" now and then.
God bless you.

LAB said...

One of the best things about your blog is your honesty about life.

Thanks for sharing!

Eric Valentine said...

I kinda smiled when I saw you use the term "Headlights" Andrew. I haven't used that one in years, it sure takes one back.

It's good to have friends and parents around to care about you. This is what I call 'Restless weather' ~ overcast and miserable. Have a good day Andrew. :)

abbagirl74 said...

Sharing those honest and forward thoughts are what makes your blog matchless and extraordinary. I hope you never change.

Rich said...

Dude - you're not old enough to be a dirty old man.

Thomas said...

Breasts are overrated. All they are is a fatty tissue repository.

What is a Bella Journista? said...

as a new fan of your writing, its your honesty that keeps brining me back. thanks for sharing so much! can't wait till your next addition.


The honesty is what makes you so lovable. There's nothing wrong with you. You were "given" this challenge because the higher universe believed that you'd be able to prevail. That you'd find a good with your "bad." Thus your writing, and your tenderness, kindness and wonderful witty dialogue which is what makes me look forward to "turning on" your 4th avenue blues.

As for the bosom, you're a guy. If you didn't look,..that'd be wierd.
If my hubby and I are out walking, and we pass a rather well endowed woman and he doesn't look-he's a damn fool. Life is good. It's OKAY to stop and "smell the flowers" so to speak.

BUT, if it'll make you feel better, next time you see Rosa stuff yourself with a few socks...than you two will be on "even playing territories."

lite a cigar (NOT IN BED!!!) and think about what you'll be writing next.

You are an incredible writer..I'm glad that you're who you are, and that you're using the gifts and abilities to the best of your ability. You're one of the few that I know that actually tries...that alone is worth the medal of life.


Terroni said...

I'm with Rich. 35 isn't old enough for dirty old man honors. Sorry--you'll have to grow into that one :>

Team mangaKITTY said...

Nice blog, good writing. Ussually that's all it takes, but you also have a clean setup. A+ for you today sir. Keep up the good work.


amarnath said...

no man, I love what you wrote. keep bustin' it out.

EE said...

Don't you dare:)

Cheryl said...

You know we love what you write! I was a little nervous with where your Rosa story was heading. You painted quite a picture!

Plark said...

A lot of what you write of I can hear echoes of in my life Andrew.

I wish I had the guts to be as honest as you actually.
My blog might be more interesting.

Claudia said...

What we think of you? We think you are an amazing, brave person who has a loving family! =) Keep sharing.