Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grab Bag

Dumpster Diving Dan came by this afternoon to get this week’s grab bag of Chef Boyardee that my mother had brought Monday. I was growing concerned about him as I hadn’t seen him early in the mornings on my daily walks. I noticed Dan has lost a lot of weight and his jeans were barely hugging his hips today as he walked up my driveway.

“Are you getting enough to eat?” I asked him, concerned.

“Why?” Dan asked.

“You just look like you’ve lost a lot of weight,” I replied.

“Oh, I’ve had a touch of the consumption for a few weeks,” He said. “I am just now getting over it.”

It was good to see Dan and to know he was on the mend. Out of all the gang, Dan is my favorite of the bunch second only to George. He is such a kind and fatherly old soul and I welcome time spent with him.

Dan left me standing in my driveway as I watched him drive off to no doubt go on his rounds of checking the many dumpsters around town that he frequents. Just like Dan, his truck is a little worse for wear these days I noticed as he drove off. I hope when I am in my sixties that I am not reliant on dumpstered food to supplement my diet. I have tried dumpster diving out of a sense of curiosity a few times and it was slim pickings. Dan is a more stalwart individual than I about such matters. I guess perseverance does pay.


abbagirl74 said...

I hope Dan is well. Do you know if he visits the VA hospital? I wonder if he is getting regular check ups. I know, I sound motherly. Can't help it.

david mcmahon said...

G'day again Andrew,

I do hope Dan is looking after himself.

Like I said in my earlier comment on your picture, Jenera told me about your blog - and I love the honesty of your prose and the ease with which you paint a verbal picture.

You have many wonderful talents. God bless and I hope to see much more of your work.

If there are any blogging queries I can help you with, feel free to buzz me directly at

As we say Down Under, mate, ``Good on ya''.

Take care