Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Funny Side of Schizophrenia

I spent most of my birthday morning with Rosa. She gave me a new wallet from the dollar store as she had noticed the other day that my old one of many years was growing threadbare. It probably was the most thoughtful gift of this year’s birthday even though it probably only cost a couple of bucks. I gave her a hug and thanked her as I unwrapped the gift, realizing what it was. It even has a compartment to hold a spare house key and car key which will come in handy as I inherited the dreaded key disease from my father and lose my keys easily.

Rosa also got to see one of the side effects of my schizophrenia today as well. Our conversation went as follows…

“What’s so funny?” she asked me as we were walking through downtown heading for home after eating lunch at Rodger’s.

“It’s my schizophrenia,” I replied. “One of my medications or either my mental illness makes me feel giddy at intervals and I will smile and laugh uncontrollably.”

Rosa grinned broadly at this interesting turn of events.

“Well, if you’ve got to have side effects, then laughing and smiling would be a good one to have,” Rosa said, completely enthralled by this occurrence.

“I know,” I said. “But I look crazy as shit walking down the street alone as I smile and laugh goofily like some madman at seemingly nothing.”

“I would rather be with some happy crazy guy than some surly normal dude,” Rosa then said.

“At least I give these nosey small town, small minded people something to gossip about,” I said as I laughed. “Look, there is John’s son walking through town laughing at imaginary jokes. He is happily crazy. Poor thing.”

Rosa burst out laughing, putting her arm in mine, and pulling me close as we walked.

“I just love you to death,” she said. “You are so good at taking things in stride. I love that you can laugh and make fun of your mental illness.”

“I love you to death, too,” I replied as we walked.

We walked on to my house so I could check my mailbox for birthday cards and Rosa then plopped herself in front of my television to once again watch that boring drivel called Court TV. It has been a good day despite some flare ups with my mental illness.


Red Robin. said...

Happy b'day mate.

I agree with Rosa. Happy crazy better than surly normal anyday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Andrew :) I am in the UK and stumbled upon your blog few months ago and have been "checking" on it since. You are an inspiration

fiwa said...

“I would rather be with some happy crazy guy than some surly normal dude,” Rosa then said.

Well said, Rosa!
Happy Birthday Andrew! I love your positive outlook yesterday and today. It's good to see you counting your blessings.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy birthday Andrew. Here's wishing you blessings a plenty in the years to come.

C. R. Morris said...

Ha! Just keep laughing! Too many people have forgotten how.

simonsays said...

Happy, wonderful, funny, great birthday, Andrew! Jamie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. Why do some of your early posts seem to be written by Jordan?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Andrew,
Happy Birthday to you! :)

madnilk said...

:P keep laugh and have good mood Andrew, like c.r.morris said,'Ha! Just keep laughing! Too many people have forgotten how.'!!

oh not to forget happy birthday...

d. chedwick bryant said...


Roadtravellers said...

Happy birthday Andrew!
I just came across your blog by going "next blog". It seems you are handling your life pretty well.
Even if it seems hard to do, but always be positive and laugh, that is the best medicine.
I have a great life, just write about my travel. I always love to talk to people and laugh alot.
Have a wonderful birthday!

Reyn Lee said...

Interesting blog...
check mine out @
Reyn Lee

chumly said...

Rosa is surely a rose in your life. I am bipolar and enjoy my highs. Why not, I don't get them often and I like Rosa's way of thinking.

chumly said...

Happy Birthday too!!!!

Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

SKQBDOO said...


Marci B. said...

Wow - keep it up! I am totally insprired by your site. And I hope that you had a wonderful birthday.

Summer said...

I had in my care once, a fairly young man who had had a stroke. One of the effects can be either uncontrollable crying or laughing. He got the laughing. I'd walk by his room and look in and he'd crack up, which in turn made me laugh and then he'd apologize and keep laughing and so would I. He was one of my favorite patients. Even as I type this I'm smiling.

Whadjagit for your birthday?

austere said...

Thanks for making me laugh today!
Wallets are good luck!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!