Monday, April 9, 2007

Feed Mania

I discovered RSS blog feeds tonight and am hooked. The bad side to feeds is that you can’t comment unless you visit each blog individually. Still, it’s nice to hit one simple button to see if any of the many blogs I read have updated and to read with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 what the authors wrote. It has been a slow blog day, by the way. Not many people have updated.

Rosa stayed with me most of the afternoon. We got on the internet and found what we both believe is her daughter’s address. Rosa borrowed some paper and an envelope and wrote her a short letter with a return address. Hopefully, we will hear back from Rosa’s daughter in a few weeks. Rosa was so excited to have some tangible part of her long lost daughter within reach. I was just glad I could help in some small way.

I had told Ferret to be prepared to head down to Opelika to go get his disability reinstated. Ferret was nowhere to be seen today which was not too surprising. You tend to expect the worst when dealing with drunks such as me and Ferret. Set your expectations low or you will be sorely disappointed most of the time. George did say he saw him walking through downtown earlier with a swagger, most likely drunk. I thought of the old adage that you can lead a mule to water, but you can’t make him drink. I tried. Ferret will just have to find his own way down to the Social Security office. Hunger and the lack of money can be an awfully powerful motivator, I bet.

I have a terrible case of new computer fever. I “window shop” in my spare time at for computer parts to build a new rig. I must raise close to $1000 dollars to build my new dream rig. So far, I have only saved around $300 dollars and another $200 I will most likely receive for my birthday on April the 12th. That new computer is slowly growing closer to within reach and I can’t wait. I haven’t bought a new computer in years and have patched together my two currently running machines with duct tape and bubble gum figuratively speaking.

Well, let me settle in for the night, take my medications, fix a cold glass of milk, and then I am going to go enjoy a big piece of tart lemon meringue pie Charlie’s sister made for me today. It will be the perfect cap to an already serene and peaceful day. Good night dear blogging friends.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

silvia said...

Support you! ! You have the support of my blog

Annabel said...

I have a case of fixing my house fever!

Good to see you posting and I'm glad I'm able to read daily again.

jessica said...


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kathleen said...

Yeay Andrew! I glad it was a good day! You deserve good days! In a couple of months, the new computer will be within reach and you'll be on a new page of blogging history!

zirelda said...

I updated mine! Of course I was whining because it was Monday.

Happy birthday in a couple of days. :)

I want a new computer too since we've been getting into recording ourselves and making cd's. The one I bought for Christmas just doesn't cut it.

Happy Tuesday Andrew.

LAB said...

I am totally confused by the whole RSS feed thing...can you email me and explain it to a confused lady?

Monkling said...

Something else you may want to look into is Google Reader ( You can read the text of all the blogs, although you do have to go to the actual blog website if you want to see the comments. I find that easier than getting the rss feeds via email.

Cheryl said...

So that's when your birthday is...

I'm going to do some 'clicking' to get you closer to your new computer.