Friday, April 6, 2007

And She Was…

“I feel good,” Rosa told me warmly today as we were walking back to my house from the convenience store.

She was puffing on a cigar and twirling a lock of her stringy brown hair around her index finger.

“We need to get you some of those skinny feminine cigarettes to smoke,” I told her. “Smoking cigars is just so unwomanly.”

Rosa smiled and said, “I really don’t give a shit what other people think. I am not looking for dates unless you are interested. Besides, those ‘feminine’ cigarettes cost an arm and a leg.”

Here we go again. Rosa has been steadily pursuing me these past few weeks. She makes little constant remarks that reek of sexual innuendo.

“Why can’t we just be friends?” I asked her as we passed the retired professor’s house who smokes a pipe when he is working in his yard. “The whole ‘us’ sleeping together thing was just weird. You are ten years older than me.”

“That crazy chick you were dating was ten years older as well,” Rosa said of Carolyn, rightly. “You didn’t complain about her age.”

“Let’s just drop it,” I said, growing uncomfortable.

“I love to see you squirm,” Rosa said as she chuckled and put her arm in my arm to pull me close.

She leaned her head upon the side of my arm as we walked quietly the rest of the way to my home. I know we looked like an interesting couple to all the prying eyes of my many nosey neighbors; the odd couple, indeed.

Rosa took a nap in my lazy boy while I busily prepared the social security disability papers for Ferret to fill out to get his disability back. I am going to drive him down to Opelika tomorrow to talk to a representative if he stays sober long enough and see if we can’t get him an emergency advance that I read about online. The money from his last paycheck is quickly running out. He has been drinking it up like a fish. I did tell him to just drink the cheapest beer or whiskey he could find and lay off the mouthwash. So far he has. That will put a good decade upon his life at his current rate of drinking.

I also talked to my father on the phone this afternoon. He wanted to know how I have been doing on my new medications. I told him I feel pretty good despite the extreme insomnia I have been experiencing. He said even my voice sounded different and I wasn’t so manic.


.M. said...

you have an appealing stylistic approach to narration...Clearly an avid writer.

Summer said...

Rosa hasn't forgotten that night or how it felt. Be careful.

I hope we both sleep tonight. I need it...bad.

Melanie said...

i hope that your insomnia is under control soon...a person can only go so long without sleep, or it will start messing with the rest of your system. i had a bout that lasted about a year once and although it's been almost 20 years ago now, i still shudder when i think about those times.

Melanie said...

ps: are you adding new tags? it seems like whenever i drop back in for a few minutes to pick up a bit more of the story, there are more tags over to the right that i don't remember seeing before. i can't decide if it's me, being bad about details, or if it's really a growing list.

Anonymous said...

Oi aki está mtu massa!

depois passa no meu orkut:

e deixa um recado ok...

ou me add no orkut!

Meu nome e Bianca de "Brasilia"...



Terroni said...

You're great to help Ferret with all of the social security paperwork.

And, it's good to hear your meds are working okay. I hope you get some sleep soon.

You have Easter plans?

Cheryl said...

I applaud your honesty with Rosa. It can't be easy, but you're doing the right thing by being upfront. To be constantly pursued...I have no idea what that feels like!

No Easter dinner here. I can't wait to hear all about yours. Pictures, please.

abbagirl74 said...

What are you doing for Easter? I miss you. I have noticed so many people commenting on your blog. How do you keep up sweetie? Perhaps less blogging will lead to more sleep? Just a thought.

I am considering a trip to NYC in September. I wish you would consider coming along, but I know how it would probably make you feel. Keep it in mind.

Have a wonderful Easter, my dear friend. You are truly an inspiration.

Anoop Nair said...

Hi, interesting note I say.

Have you heard of the movie (or seen it rather)...Christian Bale. He was insomnica for days and months. Lost around 200Lb. Are you heading that way mate?

Hope not. Write on.

Anoop Nair said...

Sorry, there were some genuine typographical errors in my earlier note.

Lets do this again shall we?

Have you heard of the movie (or seen it rather)...Machinist - Christian Bale. He was insomniac for days and months. Due course, he lost around 200 lbs. Are you heading that way mate?

Hope not. Write on.