Sunday, April 1, 2007

75 Pennies of Purchasing Power

The wind was briskly blowing tonight and I got caught in a brief downpour around 1am as I once again walked on my insomnia fueled hike. Luckily, I had my little foldable umbrella in my backpack which kept me from getting too wet.

“I have weathered far worse storms than this, homeless,” I said as I trudged onwards towards the all-night convenience store braving the rain.

I had a heavy bag of 75 pennies in my backpack; the last of my money until this month’s disability check arrives. It was embarrassing to spend, but I was craving a sweet, caramel and peanut infused, Snicker’s bar.

“You must be pretty broke,” The now familiar third shift clerk said of my payment as I handed him the Ziploc bag of pennies.

“I am so sorry,” I said as I apologized profusely. “It is rather embarrassing to have to pay with so many pennies.”

“Well, at least you are not trying to buy a $2.99 six pack of beer with pennies,” He replied. “I had some desperate drunk dude try that one night.”

“Was he short, balding, and black?” I asked.

“No, he was a little redneck, white dude,” The clerk replied.

“Ah,” I said as I chuckled. “I thought it might have been my friend, George. He has been known to do stuff like that.”

The clerk didn’t even count my pennies and put them in the cash register. I walked back outside as I took the wrapper off my candy bar thoroughly enjoying it as I took a bite. That sweet chocolate coating, caramel, and peanuts hit the spot. I then headed on back down the road towards home as the rain once again began to fall, blown sideways by the wind, making my umbrella useless. I sighed, folded my umbrella, and resigned myself to the fact that I was just going to get wet.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi there Andrew,
I noticed you around in the blogosphere and decided to come by and visit.

I am very pleased to meet you. I think you have achieved a lot that you should be proud of. I also think you have very good writing skills. I look forward to learning more as I visit your blog more often. God bless. Have a good Easter week.

simonsays said...

You can even make mundane sound exciting....thanks again for such entertainment, keep up the great writing! Jamie

Summer said...

I know that librium is addictive, but what about another sleep aid. I think lunesta is supposed to be safe. Ask your dad. Happy Sunday!

Teronni said...

I keep meaning to thank you for adding me to the list of blogs you frequent, and, more importantly, for frequenting! The last few comments I've tried to leave you haven't shown up. I'm sure I pushed preview instead of publish--I'm always in such a hurry.

Anyway, I have paid with handfuls of pennies before as well. Sometimes, I save up my change and buy myself a treat, like extra chrunchy salt and vinegar chips. The clerks at the grocery always look more than a little annoyed when I hand them a couple hundred coins.

Augs Casa said...


I'll take you a windy rain in the windy city for your one night of rain in the south. It's useless to use an umbrella in this city. I just walk as fast as I can to the train station.