Sunday, March 4, 2007


The chat was a bust, but I did talk with a few before 10 PM. I get to feeling what is akin to being drunk after taking my nightly medications. I laid down to let the feeling pass and missed the chat. I am sorry. Such is my life.

A cold front has roared through overnight. I can tell by the strong gusts of wind this time of the night. It reminds me so much of my homeless days it is uncanny. Such nights of cold winds were often a common occurrence. Thankfully, I have a little gas heater to turn on to stay warm these days. Thank you goes out to my father who has given me this home. I do so love him dearly.

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SmemanUfo said...

It was nice being able to chat with you last evening. I logged back in just after 10 and there were no familiar faces.

It was fun chatting about Dr. Who and Red Dwarf with you, and you should reconsider watching Coronation Street again. It's getting really good.


austere said...

Next time, I'll figure out the time in my part of the world and try and... LURK.