Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saying Goodbye…

“I just can’t do this anymore,” I told Rosa as she hugged me.

“Can’t do what?” She asked mystified.

“I can’t see you any longer,” I replied feeling terrible.

“So I was a cheap piece of ass then?” She then said.

“You were not a piece of ass and you were not cheap,” I replied emphatically.

Rosa left the house in a huff. I noticed she had taken one of my packs of cigars with her after she left. It was a small price to pay for my solitude. I can’t handle a lot of bullshit going on in my life when I am sober.

I walked to the fridge to look at the twelve pack of beer I had left there from a few days ago. I poured all of the damn things out. I felt better after sitting down and listening to the radio for awhile.

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abbagirl74 said...

I just hope that the pack of cigarettes is all that she will leave with.

greglo said...

To be honest... I was really hoping you would do just that!

Best wishes and all my love,


SimplyTim said...

Andrew: The term: "necessary suffering" comes to mind.

Well, we're approaching spring, and maybe this is some pre-spring house cleaning.

Proxima said...

Hang in there. The right thing to do is rarely the easiest thing to do.


fiwa said...

Good for you for pouring out the beer. It sounds like it was not an easy day for you, but you made some sound decisions.

Christina said...

Proxima said it all.

Have a wonder-full Sunday, Andrew!

Kristen said...

That was not easy, either thing that you did.

But, you are taking charge, and that gives you power. It is the helplessness that causes so many problems.

Thumbs up for taking charge.

Sylvie said...

Way to go, Andrew!!
As for the right thing? Only time will tell. I do tell my kids that is it far easier to do the wrong thing then it is to do the right thing.
Not that my opinion counts, but for now, I think this was the best thing for you. Maybe when you're a little more stable, you can mend fences.
Take care,


Rich said...

Hey dude - good for you. setting boundaries is one of the first steps to recovery.

Eric Valentine said...

At differing times of life that fork in the road can invariably appear. It is not easy taking the obvious route, you surely did the right thing. Congratulations Andrew.

Jay M. said...

Nice thinking Andrew. Remember that you come first. Those decisions show a lot of people that you are much stronger than many others.

Keep on the right track. :)

austere said...

Tough, but good for you.

EE said...

Boundaries suck, sometimes!!
Hang in there!

LAB said...

You have made a couple of really big choices today....and steps toward the right direction....Please keep us informed as to what is going on with you.