Sunday, March 11, 2007

Run, Maggie, Run…

My father called me this afternoon.

“Look out your window,” He said.

I looked out and Dad was standing in my backyard next to Maggie’s fence.

“Let’s let Maggie out and let her run her heart out.”

I smiled as I hung up the phone and walked outside to watch. Maggie was in heaven having free reign over me and my father’s yards. She ran until she could run no more. She had a good time chasing my father’s cat, The Duchess.

Dad then got supper started. I sat in the kitchen and watched as he boiled some thin spaghetti noodles, prepared a pot of spaghetti sauce, and cut up a Caesar salad.

“We will eat in thirty minutes,” He said. “Go get your mother out of bed.”

I walked down the large hall to my mother’s bedroom.

“Mom, supper’s almost ready.”

“What are we having?” She asked looking out from under her covers.

“Dad’s special recipe spaghetti.”

“That sounds wonderful,” She said as she hurriedly got up and got dressed to walk into the kitchen to sit down.

I did get to talk to my sister on the phone. Her baby is due any day now, but she sounded good. Talking to my sister on the phone is always awkward though. Her being a doctor and me just being a lowly plebeian makes me feel uncomfortable. I know I shouldn’t feel that way about my own sister.

We then ate supper and it was delicious. We had spaghetti, buttered and toasted barbecue bread, and a Caesar salad. Dad then cooked an orange marmalade sauce for dessert and we drizzled it over pieces of toasted pound cake. It was a wonderful evening that I will remember for the longest time. I feel so good tonight. Thanks for reading.

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abbagirl74 said...

I love dinner at your parents house. As for your sister, I am sure she loves you very much and is glad to have such a wonderful uncle for her children.

jessy said...

I just found you changed your blog style......anything special?or anything I missed?

EE said...

Love the new blog've been busy!!!

Annabel said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had such a nice time with your parents.

zirelda said...

How cool. Sounds like a time to be remembered and savored.


Christina said...

What a great way to spend the evening, Andrew. Sounds like the perfect start to a new week for you and Maggie!

I really like the new look... it's very cheerful!

austere said...

What a meal! And I think you're a very CUTE brother, wanting to sound caring but not wanting to overdo. Best part about today's meal is there are soo many things I can eat!
Nice look to the blog, BUT WHERE IS MY LINK?

simonsays said...

Aren't good days just the best? They are few and far between, but that's what makes them so special. Hope tomorrow is just as good for you! Jamie

Summer said...

What is barbecue bread? How do you make it? Do you ever wonder just how much pound cake you've eaten in your life? I think I've eaten far more than my weight.

-Lo said...

Nummy! I can see Maggie runnin and runnin.


I loved this post.

Augs Casa said...

nothing better than a good supper with good company. I don;t believe I have used the word supper in about 20 years. I'm curious about the toasted barbecue bread though. Also, really enjoyed about how you wrote about Maggie running around. Hooch my golden retreiver soon to be 11 is not much into running anymore. He likes to mosey now.