Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rosa’s Back in Town

I was glad to see Rosa and to find her back in town. I was kind of miffed that she didn’t call me and let me know though. Her aunt is still alive and there was no funeral. Rosa was excited to be reunited with some of her family after years of estrangement, but also saddened by her only aunt's ill health.

“I thought you would call me when you got home,” I said.
“What are we? Dating? Are we an item now?” Rosa asked as she laughed, making fun of my concern.

I laughed back nervously; not sure what to say. I realized it was best not to say a word. I don’t want to encourage Rosa’s misguided muse that we will sleep together again.

“What are we? Dating? Are we an item now?” Rosa asked as she laughed, making fun of my concern.

I laughed back nervously; not sure what to say. I realized it was best not to say a word. I don’t want to encourage Rosa’s misguided muse that we will sleep together again. I care about her deeply, but not in that kind of way; another good reason for me to stay sober these days. Rosa had no qualms about taking advantage of me when I had been drinking that day a few weeks ago.

“I am starving,” Rosa said, “And I am broke after that road trip.”

“Walk with me over to Rodger’s and we will get some lunch,” I said wanting some company. I hate to eat alone.

I and Rosa walked downtown and then across that grand Chattahoochee River to Rodger’s. Rosa was REALLY hungry and got the three piece catfish fillet plate. She couldn’t eat the third piece of catfish and I helped her finish her meal. Rodger’s has the best fried catfish I have ever eaten. I got the barbeque platter with chunked pork barbeque, Brunswick stew, cole slaw, and fries.

“I missed you while I was gone,” Rosa said as I and she walked back across the river towards downtown after our meal. “You have become so important to my life.”

I blushed and really appreciated the sentiment and her adulation.

“I’ve missed you, too,” I said, so glad she was home.

I and Rosa parted ways and I walked on home. It is a gorgeous day today. The only downside to the gorgeous spring weather we are having is that the pollen is wreaking havoc upon my allergies. As I often say, I will just take the good with the bad. Spring always brings a renewed vigor and vitality to my spirits. Good day.


Augs Casa said...

Another beautiful day down south I imagine. Wonderful to hear that you and Rosa had a good lunch together. I was wondering if it is possible to get a photo of the Chattahoochee River? I'm curious to see the bridge, walkway causeway that you walk over.

Andrew said...

Hey Augs,

Thanks! I will get a picture up tomorrow ASAP and put it on my photo blog. It is quite a big bridge and river. I hope this finds things great in the windy city.

Amanda said...

And I'm glad you had a good day! :)

C.A. said...

Andrew: So glad today is a better day for you. :) I don't know if this will help you or not, but when I get to feeling the way you were, wondering about a "higher power" and reasons for things happening, I try to think of the people I myself was in the hospital with. My sister once said after a visit when I was there long ago that I am "lower dose crazy". That made me laugh, but I knew as bad as things can get, that she's right. I'm out functioning in the world for the most part, and youre definitly doing that, especially with this blog.


Cindi Ann

Andrew said...

Cindi Ann,

Thank you. I got a chuckle out of your sister's term "lower dose crazy." I am going to use that as my new mental health label. LOL!



Anonymous said...

I found you a few days ago clicking the next blog button. I can so relate to what you experienced yesterday. I too suffer from a mental illness and your blog is so refreshing to read in that I don’t feel so alone. My husband left me when my bi-polar got worse. He leftme confused and hurt and I still struggle with being alone. You have such a way with words and are truly talented.You should look into getting published. I checked out your “Hardscrabble Times” novel blog and you ARE a writer. Never forget that and I look forward to reading you for years to come.

Jay said...

Glad you had a happier day. I would gladly suffer some allergies if it meant nicer weather...sure the sun is out right now, but the forecast actually has snow in it for the first of april.

David said...

Great writing yey again. Thanks for sharing.

mosiacmind said...

I am glad that you are having a good day....I kind of feel like I have been out of the loop with this not sleeping saga which last night I did sleep and slept great so that is a huge blessing. I wanted to tell you even on the days that I am not on the computer much I do wonder how you are and such. I hope that you are taking great care of yourself.......

Cheryl said...

Take the good with the bad. Isn't that the truth? I know what you mean about spring. I have to stop myself from talking about it too much. I have my camera set up to take a picture of the woodpecker couple who keep visiting my feeder. They fly away whenever I get close to the camera.

simonsays said...

I am happy that you found such a good friend in Rosa. I am also happy that you have had a better day. Things are just not right when you are having a bad day!

-Lo said...

i love reading about you and rosa. Relationships are difficult....and friendship is that.

Live hearing about your meals.