Thursday, March 22, 2007

R.I.P. George’s ’81 Dodge Diplomat

It came to my attention this afternoon that George’s car is finally dead after decades of service. I and my mother had gone out to eat at Captain D’s and I returned home to find four, count them, four messages on my answering machine from George.

Hey crazy white boy. Since you be the mechanic, I want you to see if you can get my car running. Sorry about yesterday. I didn’t be meanin’ to bother you about borrowing money. Call me when you get home, George said in his last message.

I called George and we both walked down to his car that was sitting dead behind the convenience store and car wash. The engine was completely locked up and the oil smelled burnt. George was not happy when I told him that the engine was a goner. I doubt they even sell replacement engines for such an older oddball vehicle.

“Call me if you need a ride in an emergency,” I told George as I started to walk the five minutes back home.

“What I am going to do?” George asked, looking completely disgusted and confused.

“Save up some money and buy you a nice, used, and reliable Honda Civic or Accord,” I replied, not knowing what else to say.

George’s cousin, Monte, is supposed to come and tow the car to George’s house. George also has an old ’79 Ford Thunderbird, but it isn’t running at the moment as well. I don’t know what George is going to do. George’s car was the lifeblood of his money making scheme and an integral part of his eccentric personality. I guess George will have to sober up and take a regular job like a normal person. I can’t imagine George working for someone else though. He is so independent and opinionated. It will be strange days, indeed.


I have a friend who loves to hear what I eat at Rodger's Barbeque on a daily basis so this is for her. I was going to take a picture of today's meal, but my stomach overruled and I ate it before taking a photo. Today, I had country fried steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage, pinto beans, cornbread, and a big glass of sweet iced tea. It was delicious.

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Bob ...le gars d'coin said...

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fiwa said...

Oh man, poor George! But at least you won't have to worry about bailing him out for dui for awhile.
I hope he finds some other way to make money till get can get another car.

C.A. said...

Not a good day for George. I had to smile at the thought of a 1981 Dodge Diplomat still running the streets. I'm sure it's had an interesting and colorful life, like it's owner. :)

Xte said...

well I had a GREAT comment but after reading the professors comment I seem to have forgotten it!!

My condolences to George and his Diplomat. I goggled for engines for said car and from what I found and read George is VERY lucky his car lasted as long as it did!!!

Lunch sounds YUMMY!!

Cheryl said...

What will George do? Did he have a job before he started his 'taxi' service? I feel bad for him. I hope he has something else to fall back on. Besides the bottle.

Your lunch sounds so fattening! Yum! I had an 'Italian boat'--sausage, meatballs, onions, peppers and cheese enveloped in a fresh dough and baked. Served with marinara sauce. The place I had it at is famous for it.

Summer said...

You had pinto beans and cornbread? I guess I'll be cooking that this weekend. Yum!

The Cloudcutter said...

I had an uncle who struggled with alcohol addiction and schizophrenia. We were always told it was a rare combination. It's nice to know he was not the only one. I am simply in love with your blog and the way you write. Unfortunately, my uncle was not educated and articulate as you are. It would have been amazing to read his point of view. Nevertheless he was my favourite uncle and definitely one of the best people I knew. Yesterday was his first death anniversary. (He died of throat cancer.)

austere said...

What on earth will he do?

abbagirl74 said...

R.I.P. clunker