Friday, March 9, 2007

A Quiet Meal…

Lunch time once again found me sitting at Roger’s Barbecue alone. I ate two barbecue sandwiches and a bag of potato chips along with a side of potato salad. I had called my mother earlier with a phobia that I was out of money on my tab. I have this extreme fear of getting caught in an awkward situation and I am broke after paying the workers for my kitchen floor and for Maggie’s fence.

“Surely, you haven’t eaten up a hundred dollars this shortly,” My mother said.

“No, I am just worried that they won’t recognize me or won’t put it on my tab,” I replied.

“Are you taking your medications?” My mother asked sounding perplexed.


“You go over there and eat some lunch. You have plenty of money on your tab.”

“Okay,” I said timidly as I hung up and got in my car and drove the 5 minutes to the restaurant.

When I arrived home, Charlie’s wife had called me. She couldn’t get on the internet.

“You have Knology, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” She said. “I get a 404 error, page not found, when I open internet explorer.”

“I’ll be right over.”

I drove over which was back across the river and rebooted her cable modem and got her back on the internet.

“Come on,” Janice said. “Let’s go fill up your car for helping me.”

This was much needed as my car was almost out of gas and I am broke until next month.

“Thank you so much,” I said as Janice stepped out of my car to swipe her debit card at the gas pump.

I then took Janice home and then drove over to my new house just to look at and admire things. Just another boring day in my life; I really didn’t have anything else to write about and I just wanted to write. I hope you don’t mind.


Katie W said...

Maybe I'm being completely out of order here, if I am please feel free to delete this comment. Have you thought about trying to eat a bit more healthily? What you had for lunch sounds really yummy, but seems a bit lacking in fruit and vegetables to me. I know that you have bigger health issues than this but every little helps, eating better certainly makes me feel better about myself, though I have no idea about your issues.
Like I say, if I'm out of order delete this comment.

DraMa said...

I would never tired of your posts... every little day is a gift and you express that so well. So, no, I do not mind in the least:)

Oh and Katie... I can't speak for Andrew but this is just part of his routine and routines are necessary for him. He cooks at home often too and seems to cook well. And yeah, he does have much greater things to be concerned with:) Um, I guess I did speak for Andrew...

Sorry Andrew!

Augs Casa said...


BBQ samiches...oh my! If there is one thing I miss is bbq in the south. I would give most anything for a bbq samich or some brisket. Ribs, my weakness..oh gosh man, stop the writing of southern bbq..ha ha ha

BeeLee said...


My mom used to make some of the absolute best BBQ as well as recreating leftovers of anything; everything in the fridge became an exciting feast. Having grown up without money through the depression (her daddy died because of the 1918 flu epidemic), her momma was creative and taught her children well (SONS as well as daughters!).

I say, don't sweat the "small stuff". Life's too short the way it is, why not enjoy it; this is all we get, when it's over, it's over. If you are not hurting someone else purposefully - then, if we like BBQ, fries, or ice cream, we should eat it. If we like vegies and fruit, we should eat it. If we like to hike and bike and camp, we should. If we like to volunteer free time and/or work, we should. If we like to read or watch TV, we should.

I say, if it's right for YOU, go for it! Suggestions for life-style are welcome, we ALL could use a good education. But hopefully none of this would turn into expectations - "just because I am, you should too" type of thought. Keeping in mind with all of this though, for every action, there is a reaction - positive actions 'usually' bring about positive reactions.

Your blog, once again Andrew, is definitely positive - it seems to make people think, and sometimes REALLY think hard!

Keep it up. (The house looks great too!)

Jenn said...

You need to start a food blog. Recipes, best places to eat, descriptions. I love the descriptions of the food, it just makes it sound soooo gooood!!

-Lo said...

I adore all of your posts...from one writer to another...

Hugs n snugs...


Leann said...

I remember how yummy souther food is. Maybe not too healthy, but definetly yummy.

My first thought when Janice called you about the computer and you jumped right on it was that I was surprised your phobias did not play a part in it. Maybe I"m misunderstanding what triggers them.

and I echo -lo, I love all of your posts.

Proxima said...

Well, you know how worried we get when we don't hear from you, so a post like this, is fine and dandy.

I rather read a post like this, then have to worry about you, but yee, I'll agree with the first person on account of eating more veggies.

I hope you take a Vitimin B-12 supplement. It helps keep me feel emotionally balanced and shouldn't interfere with your meds. I would think.


alphabet soup said...

Andrew, I never mind what you write. But I do mind when you don't write.... then I worry for and about you.

Ms Soup

Jay M. said...

I agree with miss soup. And also Katie. But thinking of those BBQs makes my mouth water. We don't get too much of that until the summer up here.