Friday, March 23, 2007

A Quiet Day Ends

I had a quiet and uneventful day, today. I took a very long nap this afternoon after taking my noon dose of medications. I finally narrowed down what medication is causing me such strife as far as side effects go. It is my Busphar for anxiety. It will make my heart race violently and I will feel dizzy and drunk within thirty minutes of taking it. It is not a pleasant feeling and I didn’t take it tonight and feel fine. I take so many medications that dropping one shouldn’t hurt too much.

I posted some pictures on my photo blog of my new hardwood floors and Maggie’s new fence being erected. I was so excited to finally see those floors today. They look great and I can’t wait to move in my new home. I was thinking today how nice it is going to be to never have a mortgage or to pay rent. It will really help me stretch my disability check farther. The utilities at my new house are very inexpensive as well as the house is so small. I am going to enjoy having central heating and air conditioning.

It was a beautiful day today. The temperature got up to a high of 82 degrees according to my wireless weather station. Tonight, I can hear the first nocturnal insects of the spring season singing. One of those loud locusts flew inside as I had all my windows open and it’s shrill song rang out near me and scared me to death. The sound was almost deafening the locust was so near. Moments later, I heard a crunching noise and looked over to find Maggie making a late evening snack of the thing. GROSS!

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ursusdave said...

Those floors look gorgeous. Wonderful window and door light in there to help melt away the depression. I have to have my front door open all day or it gets to me worse. The house looks the right size and shape for a one person and der’ puper’ dog. Yard seems right also. I have to make it on a similar disability check, so I know a bit of what that means to you.

It helps the way that you write what you write about. Your honest, open way of handling yourself and presenting your daily life on the Internet may very well do more to help others than any one person can ever know. Your writing style is very comfortable for me to read.

Soulmange said...

Andrew... i posted a note yesterday..then later checked in on you. i noticed that you said you didn't take your buspar, and felt better for it. i then remembered..vaguely... years ago, i was taking buspar too. i don't remember exactly the symptoms i was having/ side effects etc. but, as it turned out, it was a drug interaction with another med i was taking along with it that was causing the problems. i don't know what other meds you take , and i sure can't remember the one they told me was reacting with the buspar... i'm thinking it could have been prozac or effexor. anyhow...if you are on either of those along with the "B" , then i suggest you ask your Pdoc about it, or check online about interactions with the combination of meds you take. it is not unusual, for Pdocs, to make errors in meds. it has happened a lot with me. check it out, and maybe you can get a different RX for the anxiety. good luck with that.
take care of yourself.

C.A. said...

Those floors are STUNNING! WOW! Your home is going to be so nice, Andrew. And the knowledge that you will always have somewhere to live is even nicer. :)

I'm in the "Buspar is evil" camp too. I just ran across a big bottle of it left over from last year, and tossed it. I did not like the way it made me feel, and didn't get much relief from it at all. ACK!

Have a lovely weekend...



M said...

I envy you the warm weather!

//it is cool, rainy and foggy here but the birds are singing.

Happy Spring!

-Lo said...

I shall check those pictures out soon my Bloggybuddy...dont let Maggie smooch ya. Youll end up with cricket butt on yo cheek!

Rachel C Miller said...

I love the outdoors I think writing is surely therapeutic. It creates the world as we wish to be. That's not a bad thing.

michael said...

I echo the thoughts re the floors.
I see you mention your wireless weather station...
I have one of these too. May I ask which model you have? Mine is a La Crosse WS2300. Got it from my mum and dad for my 40th in December. Great wee thing!
Take care,

austere said...

Maybe check with your doc?

LAB said...

Those floors are beautiful. Man I wish I had real hardwood the words of Napoleon Dynamite...LUCKY!