Friday, March 2, 2007

Photo Blog Updated...

I swear I am going to get regular about updating my other blogs. I posted some Maggie being Maggie moments today. I finally had to just pick her up and bring her inside before she ruined the lawn in the backyard. I guess she just got bored and decided to dig and dig some more.

Mom has been by this afternoon to bring Maggie's flea treatment and her heartworm medicine. It is the most hilarious moment trying to get Maggie to sit still long enough to put her flea medicine on. My mother has little to no patience with hyperactive little dogs. I couldn't help but glean the most enjoyment of mom growing exasperated as we tried to put on that Frontline.

"Your dog needs risperdal," Mom said of my medications for my schizophrenia which are extremely sedating.

"She just loves you and gets excited when you come over," I replied as my face flushed with a smile.

Maggie reacts totally different to my mother coming over rather than my father. I guess she can sense his no nonsense attitude. It was the same with us kids growing up. You could always argue with my mother and she would argue back like a child. You didn't dare do this with my father or you got whipped with a switch that you would have to go pick off of the bush yourself.

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-Lo said...

Awwww...imma go look at those pics.

Know what. I sooooooooooo had to pick a switch too and it bit ass!!!


Kristen said...

Maggie sure is a sweetie. (Not to leave you out or anything ... because I certainly include you, too! :)

Leann said...

My kids grandparents are from Alabama, Pell City exactly. They used to have to go pick their own switch off the bush also.....the kids, not the grandparents...the first time they came back with itty bitty switches....they learned real fast to pick an adequate

austere said...

That comment about risperdal is hilarious. Funny how animals can sense these things.

Aji said...

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