Thursday, March 29, 2007

On a Positive Note

“The quality of my life is ten times better than it used to be,” I told my father on the phone a while ago, speaking mainly of my primary anti-psychotic medication, Risperdal Consta.

He agreed.

What happened yesterday would usually find me in the hospital for a few weeks at most. And boy, do I not want to stay in the hospital. Staying in the psychiatric ward of a hospital is very akin to spending a few weeks in jail, except they have wonderful food. You don't want to eat the food in jail. Believe me.

It all comes out in the wash as they say, and I feel entirely better and different today. I am on a positive note and it is nice. Thank you for the many kind comments of support and concern. Let’s see if I can get things back to normal and revel you all with tales of George, Rosa, and the gang. I am headed down to the shopping center now to get up some writing material. A long walk and that fresh spring air will suit me well.

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You are an incredible writer. Keep up with the honesty. It's astonishing. I enjoy reading you every day!

KYRIE said...

Hey, I am glad ur feelin better! Ur a decent and kind soul n look at how much u care bout people like George, Rosa, Dan etc who society would never even bothered to give a second look. That is the special gift u posses , dare I say, God gave u this beautiful gift . It might be long n winding process, but I really do believe good things eventually do happen to good people in the end n so I really feel tht in the end everything will work out 4 u. Dont give up ok. Try to laugh out loud more!It will lift up ur mood.

fiwa said...

Glad you're feeling better today. Maybe the new combination of drugs will be better. Your honesty is what keeps me reading, so don't worry about being melancholy sometimes. Everyone has hard times, and we just have to prop one another up.

Enjoy your day.

kathleen said...

Whew! It WAS tough yesterday; I was feeling it when I read your post. And I'm glad that you're back on an even keel today, Andrew. Glad today is a much better day, and I hope the coming days are even better!

Andrew said...

CrustyBeef, Kyrie, Fiwa and Kathleen,

Thank you so much! Yes, I am feeling much better today. My mental illness can be much like our southern weather. It can change at a moment's notice like that.



EE said...

So glad you are doing better!!

austere said...

You know after reading you I am actually glad my paycheck comes from pharmaceuticals, sometimes sitting in an office you forget that part about quality of life.