Monday, March 12, 2007

My Living Mentally Healthy Plan

This plan went into action today…

  1. Maintain my weight at 190. I am 6 foot 3 inches tall. My ideal weight is 195. I tend to lose unwillingly and without thought. I gained like crazy when I was on Zyprexa and there is talk by my father and my doctor that they may put me back on it to quell my “episodes.” I will just sleep all the time and the blog will probably die if they do. I will be a real life version of Night of the Living Zombie.

  2. No drinking what-so-ever. I will not take my medications when I am drinking because I am too drunk to care. This means getting on a regular schedule of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once again. I have been kind of lax these past two weeks. 90 meetings in 90 days as they say.

  3. Daily exercise. I need to get back to hiking six miles every day. I am easing back into it. Today, I hiked three miles and thoroughly enjoyed it and the gorgeous weather we are having.

  4. No girlfriends or sexual relationships. I have found both just complicate things way too much for my liking. I would rather be celibate and alone. Yes, I will get lonely and it will be hard, but the alternative is no better and many times worse. My mental health is just too fragile and can’t take the complications of a long term sexual relationship with a woman.

  5. Concentrate on getting finished with my house and getting moved in. This will give me some breathing room from my completely overbearing family. Dad called me today and made a remark about how late I stayed up last night and whether or not I had taken my nightly medications. That gets old being watched like that.

  6. Take my omega-3 fish oil and multi-vitamins religiously. Luckily, I get these items for free from my father’s pharmacy.

  7. Take my anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-obsessive compulsive medications religiously and without fail. This is the key to everything above.

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M said...

omega 3 fish oil! good deal...i have some of those but i forget to take them.oops.

there is a man in Japan(i think) who just turned 107 years old.he claims his longevity is attributed to not having sex. well, in that case, i will live to 107 too!~

Red Robin. said...


The lists, those endless lists.

Do hike more. I so miss walking in the woods.
Do you have any bird feeders in your garden? I have a few in mine. The birds make for wonderful morning companions.

Good health to you my friend of far away.

Andrew said...


Omega-3 is supposed to really help with mental illness. My general practicioner recommended it for schizoprhenia.


I know....lists...those evil lists!!! I just couldn't resist this afternoon and was thinking out loud as I wrote and decided to share it. I know my blog will always suck with boring shit like this posted every day.

I put some picture up of some cows on my hike today upon the photo blog. Moooo-o-o-o-o!!! hehe

mago said...

Good luck.

fiwa said...

Those are excellent resolutions.
I did not know that about fish oil. I started taking it this fall because I read somewhere that it's supposed to help with the winter blues.

Best of luck on your fresh start. :)

C.A. said...

I like that list! If I was braver, I'd share mine, too. :)

d. chedwick bryant said...

somehow it feels like it could be a religious list, a zen like existance, altho stricter. walking sounds like the best part. and free free oil. Do you take CoEnzyme Q10?

-Lo said...

Sounds perfect to me!!!!
Goodluck. You will do awsome.


mosiacmind said...

Sounds like some good ideas. I never have heard about omega 3 fish oil helping with mental illness...i think that i might try that sometime soon...proably will have to wait until i am working and can afford it.

Terri said...

Having goals like this written out is good for anyone; I may have to do the same thing, I'm getting lax about many things in my life. Best of luck sticking to 'em!!