Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marked Down Malt Liquor

“Dad said you are going with me to see my psychiatrist tomorrow,” I told my mother waiting on Papa John’s to deliver a pepperoni pizza tonight. “He said he was going to give me some money so we can eat at Red Lobster afterwards (I could never afford Red Lobster for Mom and me).”

“When did he say that?” She asked me, looking ill tempered.
The dormant drunk within me got excited at the prospect, just like George, which did more to sober me up from my dry drunk than a kettle of coffee.
“I talked to him on the phone an hour ago.”

“I can’t go tomorrow,” Mom then said brusquely, clearly not wanting to fool with me and my appointment. “I am going to tell your father to stuff it!”

Boy, did I not want to get caught in the middle of that little battlefront brewing. I paid for my pizza and walked home. I don’t know why I have my pizzas delivered to my parent’s house. I guess I feel it is easier to find being on the main thoroughfare through our neighborhood.

I ate a whole large pepperoni pan pizza to myself and then talked on the phone for a moment with George.

“They’ve got the Schlitz Malt Liquor priced wrong over at the convenience store by the cotton mill,” George said. “They are normally $5.99 and they be chargin’ $2.99.”

I laughed heartily at George and his juicy gossip.

“That is just what you need,” I told George sarcastically. “A drunk with marked down malt liquor.”

George laughed and then asked me if I would go in on a few six packs until he could pay me back. It was safe for George to tell me such clandestine gossip being that I no longer drink these days. Although, it sure was tempting to go get a six pack of tall boys for $2.99. The dormant drunk within me got excited at the prospect, just like George, which did more to sober me up from my dry drunk than a kettle of coffee.

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kathleen said...

Bravo Andrew! There is more in life to get excited about than cheap beer. Personally, I get more excited about pizza! :o) And well buttered popcorn. and camping, hiking, a gorgeous sunrise, what might happen tomorrow, and...there's just so much to look forward to.

austere said...

Pepperoni pan pizza- superb.

KYRIE said...

Will power is the key. Keep on fighting the good fight. U will make it to the end. Believe in urself n dont lose faith in ur purpose. Gday.

Rich said...

I can identify with not wanting get caught in the middle. My parents are in their seventies and everytime I visit them they are bickering. I can't take it. I've been looking for a way to tell them I can't visit them anymore becuase it's too difficult for me to watch them.

zirelda said...

I'll trade beer for pizza any day.

mmmm, pizza......

Proxima said...

We'll for a positive spin on things, just remember your too broke to afford liquor, even if it is on sale.

Hang in there and stick with the pizza instead.


LAB said...

We had pepperoni pizza last night also...although ours was frozen from a box. I am so proud of you not going with George to get the marked down liquor...that would have been a major setback...of which you know.

Keep strong and we are all here rooting you on and here to help pick up the pieces...when you need us.

Cheryl said...

A dry drunk and a kettle of coffee. You sure have a way with words.

-Lo said...

Kissies and squisheys