Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Making Amends...

“We’re cool, right?” I asked Rosa this morning as she smoked one of my cigars.

We had just had a long conversation about our past misdeeds together. The horizontal tango as George had called it.

“We’re cool,” She said as she hugged me. “The options always open if you ever want to have some more fun though.”

She grinned mischievously, but kiddingly.

I smiled as I watched her leave me and walk down by the dollar store. She turned and grinned at me one more time and then disappeared around the corner. Where she was heading, I have no idea. That is Dumpster Diving Dan’s territory.

George then came pulling up into the parking lot.

“Come here,” He said as he pulled up beside me in the fire lane with his window rolled down.

“Take this,” He said holding out a crumpled and sweaty looking twenty dollar bill in his hand. “I had a good day yesterday and made lots of moolah.”

One thing about George is that he always pays me back when he borrows money and I needed it back badly. I am broke until next month.

“Awesome,” I said as I stuffed that twenty dollars into the back pocket of my pants. “You want some breakfast?”

“Nah, I’ve already eaten. Momma fixed a good breakfast this morning,” George replied.

I walked on down and headed straight for the diner to eat breakfast. I was starving. I ordered the standard breakfast platter for $3.99 with scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered grits, and toast. I sat eating my meal as I realized it was going to be another great day, sleep or no.

I was so relieved to set things right with Rosa. She has been a dear friend and I would hate for that to end. She had this aura of excitement and electricity about her this morning. We had a long talk about sobriety and how important it is to the both of us. I don’t think I could take getting cussed out in Spanish one more time. She has such a fiery temper.

Next on the agenda? To get this whole rigmarole with Carolyn settled. She worked third shift last night and will awake again this afternoon sometime. I am going to call her and break it to her gently that things are at an end as far as the two of us is concerned. My vow of celibacy both sexual and relationship wise still stands. I am slowly adding pieces to this puzzle that is my life. I want a clear picture ready to be framed in a few weeks.

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-Lo said...

Awww Im so happy to know you guys are okay! Sounds like your friendship will stand strong thru everything.

Even sex.

Sometimes sex makes everything so messy... and not always good messy.


Your morning sounds lovely. Im off to the Goodwill. I *heart* thrift stores!

DraMa said...

Well, look at you, tieing up those bothersome matters to help your state of mind! That's wonderful! In my opinion, however, Carolyn should have gotten the hint of this ages ago. You shouldn't have to be calling her to tell her this. You have told her more than once. She is pissing me off. I hope you can get it thru her head, and whether you plan on it or not, I hope you tell her never to call again... it seems like with her, you need to make a clean break, there is no middle ground you two can play on. It's all or nothing.

That's my two cents... actually it was more like 76 cents.

fiwa said...

Wow, I really admire you for being able to straighten things out with Rosa. I wish you luck with Carolyn. I think Carolyn uses you when she gets lonesome, and when that happens she isn't thinking about what's best for you, she's thinking about what CAROLYN needs and wants. You might have to ignore a couple of phone calls before she gives up.

Hope you have a great day!

C.A. said...

I love that you are hoping for a clear picture ready to be framed in a few weeks. :) I don't want to say how many YEARS I've been waiting for mine!

I hope your talk with Carolyn goes as well as it can. I admire that you've been able to patch things up with Rosa.

Youre a good man, Andrew.

Enjoy this day!

Cindi Ann

Red Robin. said...


It's nice to iron out the creases.

buono notte mi ammico, stai bene.