Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lazy Friday Nights…

It’s Friday night and I am curled up in my lazy boy listening to the radio as I smoke a cigar and write in my paper journal. There is something so empyreal about putting pen to paper in a tangible and old fashioned way.

Friday March 9, 2007

It has been a good day, I write. Quiet Fridays like today make living on this earth a little more bearable. I am still worried about Pipe Tobacco and haven’t heard from him since the first of March. I know he is going through a hard time.

Helen cooked a wonderful meal this evening and I got to spend time with Mom and Dad. After supper, Dad curled up on the couch in his pajamas while my mother asked him questions which drove him crazy. I sat in the chair next to the kitchen to take all this in.

I stop to take a drink of coffee and to pull again from my cigar as the phone rings. I don’t answer. I let my answering machine pick up.

Andrew, you there? Just worried about you when you didn’t call me back last night. Sorry about the whole friends thing. I was just having a hard night. I don’t know what I want, but I do want you. Call me when you get home.

Hell, I am not going to call you, I think. I have had enough of all that bullshit. The message ends as she hangs up. I continue writing.

I am really looking forward to going camping and hiking soon. I must get my legs back in shape. I was doing so well for awhile there hiking six miles every day. As is usual, I grew bored with the same route I took and quit. I don’t know why I just didn’t try a different route and continue. I so enjoyed it.

Maggie walks into the den and plops down in front of the gas heater next to my chair. I reach down and rub her head and scratch her back. She is in ecstasy.

“You ready to go to bed, girl?” I ask her as she looks up at me.

I put out my cigar and walk into the kitchen to pour my now lukewarm coffee out. I then make sure the backdoor is locked as I turn on the porch light and extinguish the lights in my den. I curl up in the bed with Maggie at my side as I think about the day now behind me. I am such a creature of routine and habit, I muse. I must live such a simple life to do well. I turn off my bedside lamp, close my eyes, and go to sleep.


greglo said...

Hi Andrew,

I like this post a lot. What a nice way to mix your "pen and paper writing" to the "blog writing".
The more I go, the more I enjoy a daily quiet routine. In fact I tend to discover that in this, we find a quality of observation that we otherwise lack in our faster paces of life. Quality of observation leading to a depth of enjoyment we cannot obtain otherwise. I do regular walks in the countryside here. I've been doing it for years (once or twice a week)... the same scenery is always new, surprising full of small details previously unseen... the wonder will never stop!

Have a great day!!

Cheryl said...

Your evening sounded so serene. I'm glad. Have a great Saturday. I'll think of you as I sip my afternoon espresso.

-Lo said...

I love it! Sounds like a perfect evening to me!! I can just see Maggie come and plop down next to you.
And the smell of your cigar makes my mouth water..

Hope your sleep was full of happy things.

Hugs n Snugs

M said...

sounds lovely!

abbagirl74 said...

Hmmm, wish I could have been there. Sounds so comfortable. I am missing Pipe terribly.

Andrew said...


I am very worried about him. He is such a sensitive fellow like me. I wish I could call him and had his number. I have lost his email address. Do you have it? I am going to try and start emailing him everyday with words of support.