Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Helping Hand

My father sat on my floor petting Maggie after midnight last night. He had a very long day at work and was just getting home. He knew something was wrong with me.

“Hand me the mouthwash,” He said. “I am going to pour it out.”

Luckily, I had only had two drinks of that horrible liquid.

“I knew something was wrong with you when you showed up at the store,” He said as he held my hand. “You are on a high. You are so cyclical.”

“I just felt bad and wanted to escape reality,” I replied. “I have done so well lately and would hate to ruin things as they are.”

“We are not going to get into an uproar,” My father said calmly. “I love you and you just need some help sometimes to stay on track. Walk over to the house and I am going to give you something to sleep and to calm you down.”

I and my father walked the short distance to his home in the dark of the night. He stepped into his bathroom to get two of my Librium I have a prescription for.

“Take these, go to sleep, and call me in the morning to let me know you are okay.”

I took both pills and went home to get one of the better nights of sleep I have had in weeks. I feel so much better this morning. I feel refreshed and renewed. Those Librium did the trick. I am experiencing a welcomed calm after a short lived storm.

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austere said...

I am just so glad about this.

You can shout or make faces, I am too far away to matter.

Summer said...

Sleep is great isn't it?

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad things turned out OK last night. Your Dad's a good man and loves you very much.

Xtemom said...

I am glad your Dad is in tune with you enough and cares enough to help you back up as you fall. I am glad you got a good nights sleep.

Enjoy the calm. Enjoy your day.

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

ab said...

I love reading about your life and I'm grateful you have the support system. Enjoy your life Andrew, and thanks for sharing.

Xte said...

I took the plunge, Andrew. Xtemom is now just XTE with a blog of her own....

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LAB said...

I'm glad that your dad was able to help you without being critcal of you. Sleep can really work wonders for the body and mind.