Friday, March 2, 2007

Enterprise Tornado

I updated the weather blog with an image of the tornado that raced through downtown Enterprise, Alabama. This tornado killed eight people. It is that time of the year folks for the South. We often get such squall lines in the spring. March roared in weatherwise with a sad beginning to the many lives affected by the storms from last night.

We got a lot of thunder and lightning the likes of which I haven't heard or seen since last year. Also, very strong gusts of wind at several times. Luckily, we escaped any damage here in town. I also have a lot of pictures from the damage in Fayette county. I will get those up in a minute upon the weather blog.

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austere said...

I remember a cyclone from when I was in school. It was majestic- and scary.Find storms alluring.

Andrew said...


I too find them alluring. There is something about the majestic power displayed and the light show we had last night that makes me wish I had become a meteorologist.

Sylvie said...

Hey Andrew!
Welcome back. I looked in on you last night and saw that the blog had been taken down. I am very happy to see it back up and running and that you are turning yourself around again. Good luck with Rosa.