Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Email Roundup…

I am so terrible with email. If you email me, it may take me a week to get back to you so don’t despair or think I am being an asshole as some have. I just don’t like it as a medium even though I enjoy writing so much. My social awkwardness carries over into that avenue of communication as well. I do enjoy reading them though. Here were a few emails about the blog today and my answers. I thought this would be fun.

*You are going to be the next spokesperson for pork with the amount of barbeque, bacon, and ham you eat, one person wrote me today.

I burst out laughing when I read that. They got an email back with me writing to them that I agreed. Cholesterol is the least of my health worries though. Believe me.

*Why do you put those damn aggravating adsense adverts on your blog? They don’t make money. I only made a few cents a day with mine and took them off. They are distracting, another person wrote.

I made fifty dollars last month off of those ads. That is five cartons of the cigars I like to smoke and I smoke a carton a week. It is paying off nicely. Please ignore them if they bother you and certainly don’t click upon them. They paid for my smoking habit so your tax dollars didn’t have to as I have often been chided for over the years of my writing and blogging ventures when I exposed my source of income. Disability is not welfare, by the way. It is a social insurance I paid years of taxes to get. :-)

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Summer said...

Tell him/her that the pig is the new cow. I guess it's the southern in us coming out. I made pork chops the other night... fried them in bacon grease. Oh the horror of it! They were gooooood!

DraMa said...

What a great idea! You should do that more often. Too funny:)

As for email, maybe I will stop taking it personal that you never replied to my 2 that I sent. I was beginning to think I upset you somehow and you didn't want to talk to me. But, I'm paranoid like that. Heck, maybe that is still true though! LOL!

Take care Andrew.

Andrew said...


I kept meaning to email you back. I so appreciated getting them and enjoyed reading them. I am just terrible with email as many of my online friends will let you know quickly so you are not alone and it was certainly nothing personal. Thank you so much for sending them and thanks as always for commenting. How is Hubs doing? Tell him I miss him.


Andrew said...

LOL Summer! My grandmother ate bacon for 89 years; 89 years! It truly is the least of my worries as far as my health goes. Beer and not taking my schiz meds is a much greater nemesis to worry about.

Love ya,


Leann said...

I thought you had stopped smoking? One vise at a time? :-)

Cheryl said...

You've been a busy writer. I've seen your comments as I've been blog-hopping tonight. It's a nice community we're a part of, huh?

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! And thanks for the reminder. I clicked through all right away. ;)

M said...

oh, i don't think the ads are overbearing at all!

and as far as meat...well, i eat more meat now because it helps with my migraines and asthma. and pork is by far my favorite meat. pigs are so cute but darn, they tast soooo good.