Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Better Angels of our Nature

I ran into Rosa as I was down at the convenience store this morning. She was buying a pack of cigarettes. I spent my last two dollars in change on a small pack of cigars. It is going to be a lean rest of the month. She followed me outside and walked with me for a ways.

“What are you doing today?” She asked.

“I am supposed to be in Birmingham,” I replied. “At my sister’s house.”
“My father came over this morning to check my fridge for beer,” I then said as I grinned as we walked past the car wash.

Rosa smiled and laughed.

“You are thirty four years old,” She said. “That is just silly.”

“Why didn’t you go?”

“I had an anxiety attack,” I said. “I couldn’t deal with all the social aspects of the trip.”

Rosa put her arm in my arm as we walked.

“My father came over this morning to check my fridge for beer,” I then said as I grinned as we walked past the car wash.

Rosa smiled and laughed.

“You are thirty four years old,” She said. “That is just silly.”

“I know,” I said. “I told you he could be overbearing. He just worries about me. You saw how I was when I was drunk. It is crazy times ten.”

“Hey, we had fun,” She then exclaimed.

I didn’t say anything in return. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings about us sleeping together. It certainly wasn’t fun for me. I barely remember it.

“Come on,” Rosa said. “Let’s go get some breakfast. My treat.”

“Sounds like a wonderful idea,” I said. “I am broke after buying those cigars.”

I and Rosa walked over to a local restaurant and ate breakfast and continued our conversation. Her kindness shown towards me this morning was heartwarming. I got to experience the better angels of our nature.

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Eric Valentine said...

Hi Andrew, I am a new follower of your blog.
I read you daily and comment occasionally.

I once wrote a little thing, this is a small piece of that:

“Life can seem like a treadmill of disappointments.
However; it's what you leave behind that will determine.
The true worth of it all.”

In reading you I find that despite your encumbrances,
You handle life very well. I am sure that you are
aware of what you give to so many people who
read you, no matter their stripe.

So even though your have your own burdens;
You are also weaving and creating your own legacy,
which brings so much to others.

They need you just as you welcome them.

Thank you for giving this gift, you are to
be commended for it. You are
“An Angel of Nature” yourself.

Andrew said...


What a wonderfully kind thing to write. I appreciate it very much. I hope this finds you having a great weekend.


Proxima said...

I'm glad you and Roaa can still be friends. It's really hard to do without some akwardness regarding past events.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad you and Rosa could share a smoke and a meal. Hopefully she'll stop making reference to your night together. I know you'd like to forget it. When I see my ex, I can hardly remember that part of our relationship. That's a good thing!

michael said...

A lovely post, and comment from Eric at the top there.

I'd like to say, a little off topic I know, but I am glad to see the earlier Beautiful Beta template back. It looks much better again Andrew!

Andrew said...


I agree and thanks. I like this template much better for the internet real estate it affords. I hated my writing being squished with that other hobbit template. Take care!


C.A. said...


I continue to think how good it is that you and Rosa can still have a friendship. :)

You'll get to your sisters to see baby Kathleen when the time is right. I hope youre enjoying your weekend.


Cindi Ann

Andrew said...

Cindi Ann,

I am glad things are back to normal between Rosa and I as well. She is a dear friend despite all her flaws.

I called my sister this afternoon and explained to her why I couldn't make it. I just got so anxious this morning over it and felt shaky. I decided to just stay home and have a calm and relaxing day. I will get up to see the baby soon I hope.


Teronni said...

Love the blog's look! I have tried to change my template a few times but have gotten stuck. I won't have a lot of time to mess with it until after my boards exam in June. If it's okay with you, though, I may email you about it when I start to tackle this again.
Also, I love this post. I'm so impressed that you've been able to maintain a friendship with Rosa. It speaks volumes about both of you.

Hope you have a good weekend!

austere said...

Salute on the friendship with Rosa. I dont think I can do that.
The baby would have been sooo pretty to see, no? Next time.Polished template. AND GREAT LINK! yes? YES!

Amanda said...

I agree with the others, I think it's cool you guys can still be "friends." :)

-Lo said...

I love "I got to experience the better angels of our nature."

I love that. It Makes me happy.