Monday, February 5, 2007


I have often said I am socially clueless. I am an idiot savant with some regards to social repartee. Other social aspects escape me entirely. I reckon public journaling to be akin to standing next to a busy highway naked. Everyone can drive by and see your dangly bits. My dangly bits are often me writing exactly what is on my mind without forethought of the repercussions. I openly write about my mental illness, my alcoholism, and other subjects that most people would shy away from sharing. I would ask someone to hand me a shovel and to help, but I am doing a pretty fine job of digging this hole on my own.


aussie wannabe said...

believe me I can relate! I'm starting to do the same thing on my blog. I think it's healthy though, you know, letting it all out. As opposed to just keeping it all in. As the saying goes..."better out than in"
Take care!

abbagirl74 said...

Quit apologizing. Tell the asshole anonymous in below's posted comments that if he doesn't like what he reads, then blow it out of his .....

YOU on the other hand do not need a shovel. Why would you say that. If you haven't noticed, you have a HUGE fan base. Everyone loves you. Me in particular. Not everyone can be so spiritual. I am not that spiritual. You can't make someone that way. It's gotta come from them.

Anyway, I missed you while I was gone and now I am going up to Seattle (Proxima country). I will catch up with you when I return. Hang in there booger.

PipeTobacco said...


I am not sure what particular statement you refer to in the post for this comment, nor does it really matter. My question is why is it so wrong to speak what is on your mind?

We had spoken before about the idea of an anonymous blog where you write free of the pressures of the people you live with day-to-day. You did write this very site for a spell in that mode. You had the blog be about your thoughts and emotions and kept it from those in your tangible community. And you kept writing in your former blog for your family to read.

Then you changed your mind and gave family access to this blog and shut down the prior blog.

Unfortunately, there must have been something that someone in your tangible life did not like reading now and has gotten on you about it again. If I were to guess, I would suspect it is either a) your father, b) your ex-wife, or c) Carolyn.

I honestly feel there are only two good ways to deal with this:

a) tell the angry people... tough luck, I write about my life, and if you are a part of it you may be in it.


b) start another anonymous blog and keep it anonymous.


PipeTobacco said...


Now that I read the comments from the "religous" post, I understand better. I guess my comment above does not apply.

My apologies for presuming something else.


latibug said...

We have all been there...digging our own holes and trying to get out. The way I look at an online journal is that if you don't like what that person has to can comment (if allowed) or SOB (scroll on by). There is no need to apologize for what you is YOUR writing....others not liking what you have to say should not make you feel you need to apologize...just like this writing is your opinion their comments are theirs...nobody ever said we all had to have the same views....

what a boring world that would be!