Monday, February 19, 2007

Shaken, not Stirred…

Our meeting at Sushi Huku went well. Times spent with her are so meaningful to me. I know I am such a damned romantic.

I almost had a slip up today. I drove down to Fat Albert’s to buy a case of beer. My dear friend, Miki, saved me though. She got completely pissed off at me for trying to buy that case of beer.

“I am not going to sell you that!” She said adamantly as I placed that case of beer upon the counter.

At first, I grew angry. Then I realized she was right.

I walked out to my car feeling like a total idiot. Miki followed me outside.

“I am proud of you and know Carolyn will be as well,” She said.

“I know,” I replied. “I am such a goddamned fool. Thank you.“

I drove home feeling like a total tool.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, there is a difference between a goddamned fool and a well-loved human with fallibility - thanks so much for sharing your life - you are a well loved author!

BeeLee said...

Andrew, you're an amazing human, no matter what you think of yourself. A 50/50 chance that choices are good or bad. Remember, it's what we do with those choices and accepting the consequences - good or bad. You may feel like a total fool but you are not. A fool would have never allowed a friend to talk them out of potentially making a bad choice (i.e., buying the beer). You drove home, right? How foolish was that?

No, a fool you are not.

A warm, loving, caring, romantic, alive, feeling, gentle, and real human, you are!

Yes, another day.... hard work isn't it? No matter what, Andrew... no matter what, we will be here for you... ALL of us!

abbagirl74 said...

A total tool.... that I happen to love and adore! Good for you booger. Hang in there. I have been around tools all week, but such is life. We all have our moments of being hammered. Yours just happens to be without the booze. :)

latibug said...

I am very proud of you....

Keep your chin up...


Christina said...

Instead of being so hard on yourself, thank God, Buddha, the Universe... WHOEVER... for friends like Miki.

WARNING: Cheesy, but Totally Appropriate, Friendship Quote Approaching!

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have forgotten to believe in yourself."

I'm thankful she was there for you when you needed her.

austere said...

:) proud.

Rich said...

one day at a time dude - one day at a time

Ugly Debty said...

Thank goodness for Miki. And yeah, one day at a time. Bless.