Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not so Little, You and I…

I and Carolyn talked for a short while last night.

“I wish you wouldn’t hang out with those street people,” She said of my conflagrations with George, Rosa, and the gang.

I didn’t tell her of Rosa coming over yesterday to watch television and to change her shirt. I and Rosa had a good time together. I do so dearly love her.

“They are my friends,” I replied.

“You are like a small child,” Carolyn said scolding me. “You never listen. They are going to steal you blind.”

I quickly got off of the phone after being berated for a good thirty minutes.

Yesterday found me once again eating at our local Mexican restaurant. I ate two burritos with a heaping serving of Spanish rice.

“Gracias,” I told my server as he started to walk away.

He smiled at my use of his native language.

I sat and ate as I missed my ex-wife. Rachel had her faults, but I still missed her deeply. I kept expecting her to walk in at any moment. She was like her parents and ate out every meal.

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Teronni said...

I think we all steal from friends sometimes, in one way or another. I think friendship is worth the risk.
And sometimes I miss my ex-husband--not the person, but the companion.

M said...

oh. i totally get missing someone who you know isn't coming back and who probably wasn't good for you in the first place.

i still miss my ex jim and we broke up 6 years ago. if i saw him again, i would like to sit down and chat, but i wouldn't get back together because it wouldn't be good for either of us.

M said...

ps... a friend is someone who doesn't have to steal because you would give it to them anyway.

if my friends need money, they are welcome to go into my purse and get it. they probably wouldn't but they could.

Summer said...

You took my breath away with the title to this post. I understand how you're feeling. Get some rest and have some sweet dreams tonight.

austere said...

I have been trying to avoid writing about her.