Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Miki’s Malaise…

Tuesday night is traditionally my shopping night. I and my father went up to Kroger to buy our groceries. Dad had to get a few things to fix some desserts for my sister’s baby shower this weekend. I walked out of Kroger with only spending $54 dollars on groceries for the week. For that, I was proud. Maggie even got a big bag of pig ears which she is currently enjoying one of those poor deceased pig’s auditory appendages.

As I was loading my groceries in my car, Charlie pulled up beside me and rolled down his window.

“Happy Valentine’s Day you little shithead,” He said jokingly.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” I replied facetiously with a big grin plastered upon my face.

Charlie burst out laughing and drove on away. I do dearly love that man. Charlie circles the parking lot until his autistic son, Randall, purchases his nightly can of shaving cream and walks out to be carried home. It is an unfailing nightly routine for Charlie and his son.

I left Kroger and then drove over to Fat Albert’s to buy this week’s allotment of little cigars. Miki was on duty tonight and wasn’t feeling well. She perked up some when she saw me walk in though.

“The usual?” She asked as she forced a smile despite feeling so badly.

“The usual,” I replied as she rang up two cartons of cigars for nineteen dollars and twenty four cents.

“One more hour and you will be off of work,” I told her. “I know you will be glad to get home and get some rest.”

“I think I am coming down with the flu,” She replied. “This next hour will probably be the longest hour of my life.”

The conversation then turned to the subject of Carolyn. Miki and Carolyn are close friends and worked together for years at Fat's.

“Carolyn told me about you two breaking up. I hated to hear that,” She said. “You two were a good couple.”

“Yeah, the past month has been kind of tough,” I replied.

“She still loves you,” Miki said. “She told me the other day on the phone how much she misses you.”

“Well, she has a weird way of showing it,” I replied flabbergasted.

Our conversation was beginning to tread on uncomfortable territory. I didn’t want to rehash my failed relationship with one of Carolyn’s close friends. I politely told Miki that I had to head home to get in the bed early for a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I do have to see my psychiatrist at noon. I dread having to go do that tomorrow. It is such a long drive just for a fifteen minute visit to get my prescriptions renewed. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do though.

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Summer said...

Happy Valentine's Day Andrew.

Red Robin. said...

Dogs love pigs ears. My brothers dog is fond of them too.

Maggie is quite similar to the dog I had. Her face is a little bit different though.

Give her a hug for me Andrew.
I miss dogs.

Amanda said...

I had to smile at Charlie's and Randall's routine. Sounds familiar.

I hope you have a great day Andrew!

austere said...

Lovely flourish to the signature. 54 dollars, that's quite less.
A happy V day, Andrew.

-Lo said...

Good Job on the shopping...

A Happy Valentines Day to you!
I am enjoying reading you.



BeeLee said...

Thank you Andrew. You've stayed healthy and sober one more day, blogged one more great read, shared one more part of your life ... thank you.

Time heals a person's heart as you well know. Perhaps time will heal Carolyn's heart so she may accept life as it is and move on too.

Libby said...

happy valentine's day, andrew! it's nice to meetcha, i came from summer's!

d. chedwick bryant said...

happy valentines day!

chieh said...

hey hi i was just surfing around when i came across your blog. just wanted to say that you write really well! had a great time reading your posts. have a nice day :)

latibug said...

Happy V. Day!

I love the way you are writing...

thanks for the great stories

gggbdomino said...

hi Andrew, you are a very talented writer I'm adicted to this blog

happy valentines day

Amy H said...

I remember when I used to take my clients to those 15 minute appointments, it always drove me crazy too to go throught he hassle for 15 minutes...oh well, what are you going to do?!?!