Friday, February 2, 2007

Gothic Country

Darrin has piqued my interest with this post:

January just ended, and I think I've already got my favorite album of the
year. Cortney Tidwell's debut full length album was released last year across
the pond, and on February 20 it finally gets a domestic release. Aided by
members of Lambchop and Hands Off Cuba. Tidwell builds on the relative
minimalism of her self titled EP to create a spacy folk/pop gem. Initially
tagged as "gothic country," she adds a quite a bit more electronics and layered
harmonies to the mix this time, and the result sounds like a cross between The
Sundays and Sigur Ros.


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Summer said...

Just a note, I hope you're ok tonight. My maiden name and Courtney's are very close to one another. It made me smile.