Sunday, February 4, 2007

Close Encounters of the Crappy Kind…

I almost ran into my ex-wife this afternoon. I was down at the dollar store to buy a bottle of shampoo. I rounded the corner over near the pharmacy when I saw her standing in the aisle with all the over-the-counter medicines.

“Son of a bit--,” I muttered under my breath as I ducked back around the corner.

I just couldn’t face seeing her. My hands were shaking and my voice was unsure. I walked on home without my shampoo. She lives in another town and I have no idea why she was up here shopping. She must have been visiting her parents which live nearby my new house. I am actually going to be living in the same neighborhood as my former in-laws. I shudder at that thought.

Charlie came over this morning to get me to help him move this monstrous floor rug. It was the heaviest damn thing I think I have ever picked up and I am a big, muscular guy. We both struggled, grunted, and sweated as we put it in my car and drove over to Charlie’s house to place it in his son’s room. That rug was so unwieldy to carry. Charlie put a tank of gas in my car for helping him.

“I am like a whore,” I told Charlie. “There is just no telling what I will do for a tank of gas.”

Charlie laughed and laughed at me saying that. The laughing was contagious and soon I was chuckling as well.

Yesterday, Jimmy James, my workman, put crown molding in my bathroom and laundry room. He also finished framing the windows in my laundry room. I think I will start painting them this afternoon. A very kind person emailed me this week warning me that paint fumes can be a trigger for a former addict such as an alcoholic. I had never thought of that and will wear a respirator as I paint today if I can stand wearing the damn thing.

I am also in the current process of negotiating with several local fence building companies for the lowest cost of putting a fence in my backyard for Maggie. I don’t know where I will come up with the money. I am also going to get Jimmy James to put a dog door in the wall of the laundry room near my back steps that have yet to be built. I swear. This house has been a money pit. I will leave you all with two pictures of my new crown molding in my bathroom and laundry room. I am going to paint them a crème color. Good day.


Cheryl said...

You gas whore, you! I also got a good laugh. I have a room-size rug hanging from the rafters of my basement that has to go. I'd ask you to help but could never afford the gas from AL to MD. ;-)

Too bad about running into the ex. I imagine you will run into her one day with your living near her folks.

Hope you get a lot accomplished today. I love that feeling.

Kristen said...

Great progress on the house!

Summer said...

I love all the wood in the house. Even the drywall is a pretty color!

Amanda said...

The past year I discovered that, houses are money pits by default, as well. On the other hand having my own place is absolutely mindblowing so it evens out. :)

RICH said...

wlcome to the world of home ownership. get used to the unexpected - it's bound to happen.

BUT there's nothing quite like owning you own place, good luck dude.

Big Ass Belle said...

there's a movie called the money pit, i think. or a book. yes, they are that. but it's a real comfort to have that permanent home. happy to hear that this fine place will stand between you and the risk of being homeless. good for you.