Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Breakfast with Dad…

I and dad sat over breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning. I had gotten the sunrise sampler and he ate the pancakes and sausage.

“When was the last time me and you could just sit, eat, and talk like this?”

“It has been years,” I replied with a heartfelt smile.

We left the restaurant to drive over to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my commercial driver’s license renewed. I was afraid to drive with an expired license and dad had agreed to drive me down. We grabbed a number and sat and waited for the officer to call us back. I was very nervous with all the new policies "The Patriot Act" for commercial drivers had enacted and just knew I would run into issues.

“Number 37!” Rang out over the speakers in the waiting room.

“That is us,” I said as I turned to my father to go talk to the officer.

“We need you to go get your fingerprints on file and take a test for the hazardous materials endorsement,” The officer told me after entering my driver’s license number into her computer.

“Can’t I just drop the HAZMAT endorsement?” I asked figuring I would probably never drive a big rig again.

“Matter of fact; Yes you can,” She replied.

I sighed with relief when I realized we were going to get out of there without any more complications.

“That leaves you with a tanker’s endorsement and a triple trailer endorsement,” She said as she smiled and handed me my new temporary license. “I doubt you will be able to get a job without that HAZMAT endorsement though.”

I just said thank you and I and Dad drove home in a blinding rain.


Sorry for my recent depressive meanderings on this blog lately. I once read the blog of a formerly homeless girl on Livejournal and all she did was whine and complain about her many and various physical ailments. It was painful for me as a reader and I will not subject you all to that.

Red Robin (a dear blogging friend for many years) reminded me in his comment what I enjoy most. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I am headed out for a camping trip for a few days. I will leave after getting my injection in the morning. I hope to be back to writing by the weekend at the latest.

The weather is wonderful here as far as the temperature goes. The forest and a warm, crackling campfire waits for me to pitch my tent and spend a few days in quiet contemplation as I read many books, write in my paper journal, and smoke my pipe. I am sure I will have much to write about when I return home. I will see you all in a few days. Good day.

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Proxima said...

Have fun and don't forget your camera!

Amanda said...

Take care and enjoy yourself. :)

greglo said...


Enjoy!!!!!!... I know you will!!!!!

..."The forest and a warm, crackling campfire waits for me to pitch my tent and spend a few days in quiet contemplation as I read many books, write in my paper journal, and smoke my pipe."...

Sounds like heaven to me too!!!!!!

Can't wait to read about it!!!!!!

I'll think of you while walking in the countryside around here!!!!!

Bye Friend!


Twiggy said...

Have fun and keep on blogging!

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am envious, but so glad that you're doing this. It sounds like just the right thing for you. I'll look forward to hearing from you when you return.

austere said...

Sounds like a great break. Pictures, please.

Anonymous said...

I repeat....don't forget your camera...have fun..

Jo Ann

Red Robin. said...

Have a great time mate. I wish I could go off on a whim and camp. Although I suppose I can, but it wouldn't be for a long time as I've got to work now.

One day...

Hope you remember your camera. Leave it somewhere you know you will interact with it before you leave the front door to head on out.

That's usually what I try and do at any rate.

I hope interesting moments arise for you, or something special. Nature is a magical place.

I love your camping posts as well.

Ciao ammico