Friday, January 5, 2007

The Weather Next Week...

The rain has ended for the time being here after lots of thunder and torrential downpours this morning. A teeming mass of starlings is gracing my backyard at the moment. It is odd to see these migratory birds so late in the winter this far north. I wonder if this weather has them mixed up and they are migrating north again. Strange days…strange days indeed.

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River Rat said...

I live in coastal NC, and it was in the low seventies today! I can't believe this weather.

latibug said...

Andrew -

It is rainy and cold here today, which is a change from our normal weather here in the SW. I love the overcast and cool day, but I know I couldn't live like this for long...I'm a sun rat!


zirelda said...

You've been hit by the storm that slammed us last week. We got tons of snow and its snowing again. You have rain and a lot of wind I hear.

Cycles and cycles and cycles.

Summer said...

Today it's supposed to be 70. I wonder if old man winter decided to retire?