Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weather Ahead this Week...

Interesting weather ahead for the Deep South as a storm forms over the Gulf of Mexico and east Texas and slides into Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia Wednesday night on into Thursday. It looks like it will be an all rain event here with the ice/snow line around the Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee border. Some models are calling for a half inch of ice in northern Alabama, northern Georgia, and southern Tennessee. That will certainly bring down power lines. One cubic foot of ice weighs a little over 62 pounds and when all that ice forms on something, things come crashing down.

The weather continues to be unsettled on into next week with a series of storms forming over the Gulf and moving across the southern states. This has all the models confused and running a tad on the warm side. We barely got out of the thirties today with the noon time GFS model predicting temperatures in the high forties. That is way off!

Will we get anything more interesting in the next few days other than rain? The pattern is set with lots of reinforcing shots of cold Canadian air over the next week. Keep an eye on the radar and your favorite local forecast. Most meteorologists are handling the forecast on a day to day basis as the models are not handling the current pattern very well.

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m said...

Do you have any speculations on why the weather models are not conforming to the patterns?

Just curious.

I have been frustrated with the weather people lately. There is one weather man on a local channel who will say outright that he knows his prediction is shaky but that is the best he can do. I like him!!

Andrew said...


I would just be guessing as well. All I know is that A LOT of meteorologists and computer models are having a hard time with the current pattern. The weather overhead is very complex with the interaction of a southern subtropic jetstream over the southern states and a trough of cold air over the Great Lakes area. The interaction of the southern jet and northern jet skews the models is what I would guess.