Monday, January 1, 2007

The Walk Beyond the Backdoor...

I lay wrapped up in the warm confines of my sleeping bag. My tent surrounds me. “I could get used to this homeless life,” I say aloud as the rain softly patters upon my tent. I check the indiglo button on my watch and it reads 3:00 AM. I stumble inside and start some coffee.

I have thought often and long about just disappearing – of living the homeless life. My coffee percolator whistles signifying it is ready. I go pour a cup of the hot liquid. That hot nectar soothes my soul.

I turn back to thoughts of homelessness. I rub my face noticing I need a shave. These days of mental illness all meld together. I forget about the little things in life. I just want the peace that my current life doesn’t afford. All these trappings of modern life just don’t suit me. I long to walk out my backdoor to never return.


austere said...

Modern life I don't know about; but shave you *must*.
Just horrible unshaven men look.

Good coffee? Where is Maggie?

Red Robin. said...

I remember how easy it was to fall asleep when I went camping with my friends in Wales and Scotland. Just listening to the breeze in the trees and the water of lochness was so restfull.

Apparently trees, or large woods are meant to release certain things into the air which are very good for our wellbeing.

I'm hopefull, we'll soon start to reverse the trend of overpopulation and have a little more nature in our lives.

Why don't you have a short camping holiday Andrew? Go and look for arrow heads and watch the animals.

Anyway, I hope you are able to get the peace you need.

Happy new year by the way...

abbagirl74 said...

Hopefully you will feel much better when your parents return home. Perhaps a nice meal out with your mom once she returns home? Hey, how are your lunches going? Have you seen any interesting characters during lunchtime?

M said...

I know what you mean about the idea of complete freedom, living by your own wits out on the street, being close to's enticing.

I think actual homelessness away from any safety net of family or a "home base" like a house or apartment would be *stressful* and unpleasant.

It sounds to me like you have the best of both worlds. You live someplace where it is relatively safe for you to sleep outside but you still have an actual home, family and friends who can be your support system.