Sunday, January 21, 2007

Toodling Around…

This evening found me toodling around in my den after eating supper. I cooked beef tips in a mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes, and green beans. There seems to be some normalcy returning to Casa de Andrew.

Normally, when I come out of one of my “funks” the house is a mess. This time, I managed to stay remarkably clean with the only chaos being the two bags of trash sitting by the backdoor. A quick vacuum of the floor and emptying the trash tidied up things quite nicely.

To my friend Kristen, thank you for calling. I could hear your messages being left as I laid in the bed. I didn’t feel well enough to talk on the phone though. Thank you for being such a good friend. It probably wouldn’t have been a very coherent conversation anyway on my part. I do care about you very much and hope my silence didn’t hurt your feelings.

Speaking of my father, he came by tonight.

“You’ve been very quiet for a few days,” He said. “I am just checking up on you.”

I had never seen a more welcome and comforting sight than his Honda sitting in my driveway. I told him about applying for and getting the credit card.

“Credit is not a good idea on your income, don’t you think?” He said and I agreed.

He watched as we made a ceremony of tearing it up. I had only spent $27 dollars on the card anyway to fund tonight’s supper. I actually felt a sigh of relief as all the plastic fell to the bottom of my trashcan. The interest on those cards is highway robbery.

My Dad then gave me a long hug as he said goodbye to drive down to his pharmacy to work his usual Sunday night shift.

“Thanks for the quiet past few weeks,” He told me.

It has been quiet. We will just chalk up the past few days as bumps in a long and winding road. It is good to feel okay again. The good times do outweigh the bad times far more these days of finding medications that work. Previously, I have would have slept for four days straight so things are getting better.


Kristen said...

A sigh of relief and a smile. You are back!!! Big hugs.

No, of course my feelings were not hurt. I was not calling to have you make me feel good. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you (along with lots of others). A feeling of aloneness can make things so much worse.

You are not alone.

I hoped you were there and finding some comfort in my voice. Thank you for your warm thoughts.

Keeph said...

Im glad you are starting to feel better. I am just one voice in the distance, but wanted you to know I am glad you are ok. I discovered your blog shortly after my dad died, and it brought me great comfort throughout a year of sleepless nights. Your blog is so honest and real and thats what I love about it.You make it so easy for people to connect. So when youre not feeling well, it makes me sad. I hope your tomorrow is brighter.
Isn't it amazing how parents always seem to know....:)
I know you dont know me and I have just left a couple comments, but I wanted you to know you matter to a lot of people...even if you dont realize it. Take care.


Proxima said...

I have not been doing well myself, my eyes have taken a turn for the worst. I might have to insist you do more audio blogs. I do love your voice so!!! It has a nice pitter-patter to it.

Fortunately a new week starts tomorrow, I hope it will be a nice one for you.

Tonight I created a photo blog of all my silly craft projects, maybe you could find some cheering up there

DramaMama said...

Your father sounds like a wonderful man!!

A lot of parents might push away or even give up on their kids when they go thru things like what you are. But he seems like a strong supporter and your rock.

Welcome back Andrew:)

austere said...