Monday, January 22, 2007


There is this one older woman who has been hanging out down at the shopping center lately. I have written about her before on occasion. She looks like she has lived such a tough life and I have a soft spot for her.

This morning I was walking across the bank parking lot down from the shopping center when Rosa spotted me. She made a beeline straight towards me.

“You got a cigarette?” She asked as she walked up.

“All I have is cigars,” I replied and she gratefully accepted.

I noticed how callous and cracked her hands were when she reached out for the cigar. She told how she hadn’t eaten since yesterday.

“Let’s walk over to the diner and eat a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit,” I said.

We sat down and I ordered two biscuits and two coca-colas. Soon our food was ready and we sat eating. Rosa really started to open up to me once she realized I wanted nothing more than to eat breakfast with her.

“People always want something, ya know?” She said. “Nothings never for free.”

“I know. It is really sad,” I replied.

“You said once you were homeless,” She said.

“Yeah, I lived in a tent in the woods.”

“A regular Daniel Boone, eh?” She said as she laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

“What’s been going on with you if you don’t mind me asking,” I finally asked her.

“Oh just trying to stay clean and sober. I once was bad hooked on meth and crack,” She said. “It about killed me.”

“What made you quit?”

“I didn’t want to die,” She replied looking sullen. “I was going to smoke myself into an early grave.”

“That is a good enough reason to quit,” I said.

We finished our biscuits and drinks then she did something very unexpected as we were walking out of the diner’s parking lot. She hugged me.

“You’re alright,” She said as she smiled and we went our separate ways.

Sometimes, I get to feeling sorry for myself. I am an addicted schizophrenic man who lives on the razor’s edge of sanity some days. I thought of Rosa as I walked home realizing everything was going to be okay. That one hug and the breakfast with her had made my day. We can gain so much strength from others.


RICH said...

nice story. Bumbing into Rosa was no coincedence. She was there for a reason.

Again strength and hope can be found in others

JoeBlogs said...

Nice to do things for others, I believe the phrase is 'pay it forward'.

Cheryl said...

I loved your story about Rosa. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Don't we have so much to be thankful for? I'm thankful that I know you. You are an important part of every day for me.

DramaMama said...

I didn't know what to say... but then I read Rich's comment. He's right.

That is all there is to say... "she was there for a reason"

You're a good man Andrew.

Tiffanie said...

Andrew, you are such a kind and gentle soul. Believe that the world is a better place with you in it.

Annabel said...

I admire you so much. For someone with social phobias you often go out of your way to show kindness to strangers. You're a good man Andrew. Remember that. And yes, everything is going to be o.k.

Amanda said...

The nicest people I know, are always those who've been to hell and back, come to think of it many of them are still there.

Thank you Andrew.

PipeTobacco said...


Good job! A kindness to another is a wonderful kindness to yourself as well. It is wonderful that you and Rosa met up today. You befriended her, she befriended you, you shared parts of yourself with each other, you and she BOTH made a difference.

A life of service is indeed the best we can hope for in this life. As I continue to work through my own struggles this last year, I sometimes can capture a glimpse of remberance of how good life CAN been if one keeps service at the forefront of goals. When I can recall that service which is what my life had been like previously, I feel meloncholy, for it felt so good to be alive as I lived that life. I am still hoping to pull myself out of this wretched quagmire of despair. I do not know if it is possible with my current life circumstance but I will attempt to persevere.

Do not get me wrong, I know my life is now about service too, but it is so harsh and hard a brutal realization with each step, that I cry in agony and frustration and shame.


SKQBDOO said...

Your such a kind person with a special gift to lift up the people that are shunned by this cruel world.

abbagirl74 said...

Now you see! This is another example of how you inspire me so! This is another example of why I want to go out and make the world a more positive place. YOU have inspired me Andrew. And I believe you have to so many others out there. One of these days, you are going to believe me. I know it.

Sally-Sal said...

That is exactly the kind of story I needed to read today. Thank you :)

Gledwood said...

Hmm homeless... I've been there. I came across your blog quite unexpectedly, just pressing that next blog button at the top. You have quite an interesting viewpoint, I'm going to bookmark you for future reference...

Lovely to read such a nicely written blog. Do drop by mine if you like:

I'm right in the thick of my problems, still, I'm afraid...

Okay, take it easy, all the best


Summer said...

Your friends and my patients. They inspire!

amelia said...

What a lovely story!!!

Kristen said...

Ditto from me, too. Everyone has said it so well. {{{Hugs}}}

orchid said...


Kind is as kind does and you are, by far, one of the kindest people I've ran across!

Rosa's hands may be rough and callous but I'm sure that your kind gesture softened her outlook on humankind...and I say you acomplished quite a feat today!!!

I wish you a restful night.

Red Robin. said...

I've always said you're the decent sort Andrew.

I don't know how you'd feel getting a hug from a bloke... but...

~big hugs~ for you mate.

You're one of the better people out there.
Pleased you're well.

When are you writing that book Andrew? I still want to buy a copy you know...

austere said...

rah rah raaaaaaaaaaaah!
Hows that for a standing ovation?
On a slightly serious note- any update on Fury? Had asked earlier too, am worried.

Andrea said...

Reading this story makes me think of one of my good friends that I had when I lived in Georgia. She was originally from Mississippi and the last time I saw her, was at my ex husbands grandpa's funeral..she was also hooked on drugs and not doing very well...I was so worried about her. I was living in Michigan at the time and I lost track of her...don't know what ever happened to her but I'd love to find her again. We called her Marie..but her name was Rosa Marie. Would be an amazing coincidence if it were her wouldn't it?