Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Rendezvous with Dan…

This morning found me walking in a soft rain. I hiked through my neighborhood for an hour making for three miles. After my hike, I made my way down to the shopping center. Dan was adorned in his rain slickers and was standing knee deep in trash doing his usual thing. I walked over to speak for a moment.

“You don’t give up,” I said standing next to the dumpster with my umbrella in hand.

“Eh?” He said looking up.

“You are like the postal service. Rain, snow, or shine,” I replied with a smile.

Dan laughed.

“Well, I didn’t have anything better to do this morning and thought I would see what the night shift threw out,” He said.

Dan wasn’t having much luck this morning and I walked over to his truck to see what he had found. The only thing on the seat of his Toyota was an old, wet bag of sprouting onions.

“Onion soup,” Dan said as he climbed out of the dumpster to walk over. “I eat a lot of soup these days.”

“Have you seen George?” I asked.

“I haven’t seen that son of a bitch in weeks,” Dan replied.

“Me neither and it worries me. I hope he is not back in jail. He quit coming around when I quit drinking again.”

“You still go to A.A.?” Dan asked.

“Every night,” I replied.

“Good for you,” Dan said as he patted me on the back.

I and Dan talked for a few moments longer until the rain begin to fall at an increased rate. I pulled my collar up around my neck, buttoned my coat tight, and walked the short walk home. I then fixed a lunch of fried chicken breast medallions, glazed carrots, and scalloped potatoes. That was one of the better lunches I have had in a long time and I feel very satisfied.

Well, I will probably do a video blog of me installing my new DVD burner I got for Christmas. I have yet to add it to my computer, but I need to start doing some backups and burn them to DVD for safe keeping. Hopefully, I will have that up in a few hours. Good day.


abbagirl74 said...

If you ever get a chance, I would love to see pictures of Dan's birds that he feeds.

Are you not eating lunch at the restaurant anymore? Just wondering. Good day!

Andrew said...


My tab is almost on zero and my parent's were in San Diego for a week. Dad is supposed to go over and add some money tomorrow. I will be back to eating lunch at Rodger's everyday. Hopefully, I will get some pictures up as well.


abbagirl74 said...

Thanks sweetie!

Claudia said...

Who else thinks Andrew should post recipes for his southern home cooking? Yummm.